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Blogmas - Too Faced La Belle Carousel

15 December 2014
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how damn cute this packaging is..

The Too Faced La Belle Carousel Palette/Set features what I can only describe as a bunch of awesome mini palettes and a deluxe size Better Than Sex Mascara.

Opening up your new toy will have you playing with the flower patterned lid, simply take firm hold of two inner sections and pull them apart, the top will pop open allowing you access to the goodies inside. 

If you're anything like me and you like to keep packaging for some time after opening an item this will simply close back up by repeating the process in reverse.

Inside you'll find 6 rectangular sections that sit in little slots in the base of the carousel, three of them contain a set of 4 eye shadows, two of them each hold 2 blushes/bronzers and the last one frames a deluxe size Better Than Sex Mascara.

 Right, we've reached the business end.. On to the swatches!

Frost - Cool, frosty white/silver hybrid, really pretty and different, can be layered for good colour pay off.

Tin Soldier - Cool, dark metallic silver with good pigment

Christmas Tree - Cool emerald green with a gold-ish tint and gold micro glitter, it seems to give it a bit of an olive duo-chrome. Very pretty but will need a primer and possibly more than one layer.

Santa's Boots - Matte black with a little silver glitter, pigment is lame, needs primer and layering.

Nut Cracker - Cool shimmery white with a hint of pink, good colour payoff.

Nude Beach - This colour is pretty but confusing, it's a peachy gold with gold and soft pink glitter, the texture in the pan is quite gritty and chunky and while it applies well I would bet my last dollar that it would be messy when applying.

Boxes & Bows - Oh my GAWD this colour!! Peachy pink and gold duo-chrome with great pigment and a beautiful buttery texture, my favourite colour in the whole palette.

Sugar Plum Fairy - Eggplant purple with blueish lavender sparkles and great pigment.

Tufted Suede - Warm matte beige, I believe something like tihs should take the place of most blacks in palettes because they are great to use when blending out the edges of your eye makeup.

Angel Hair - Warm coppery gold, pigment is ok but will work best with a primer.

Haute Chocolate - This is also found in the Chocolate Bar Palette (Review), a warm dark bronze with great pigmentation. I actually feel like the one in this palette is slightly different to the one in the Chocolate Bar palette, this one seems a little darker and has better colour pay off.

Yule Log - Dark chocolate with copper micro glitter, really good pigment.

Luminous Peach - Warm orange with a golden orange sheen, pigment is ballsy!

Sun Bunny Dark - This is definitely on the dark side if you ask me, this bronzer has a pretty intense golden yellow sheen and the pigment is a bit scary for someone who doesn't really delve in to the world of bronzers. Somebody hold my hand!

Who's Your Poppy? - Warm toned pink with a golden sheen, absolutely gorgeous! The pigment is great too.

Chocolate Soleil - Warm brown which could almost pass for a real tan for me, it has an ever so slight sheen to it which will help it to look like real skin. smells like chocolate and the pigment is quite good.

What makes this set really great is that it's designed to be broken up and shared around, each section of the carousel is printed like a gift tag on the back, so you can share them between your besties.

The set also contains a little leaflet with a few look ideas.

I'm a bit smitten by this set, there are a lot of gorgeous colours in here and I'm impressed with the overall colour pay off of the shadows. The fact that all of the colours aren't in a single palette might make it a little difficult to remember which colour is in which piece but I think it time I'll be able to remember.

The Too Faced La Belle Carousel retails for $65.00AUD and is selling out quite fast, check your local Mecca Maxima or Kit store for stock.

Did you get your hands on the Too Faced La Belle Carousel this year?

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  1. I already purchased their Everything Nice palette, but wow are those eyeshadows gorgeous