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Blogmas - Pre-Christmas Haul

24 December 2014
Every year I make plans to go to the Boxing Day sales and every year, a few days before Christmas I chicken out and do my little shopping spree pre-Christmas.

I did the same this year and now I present you with my Pre-Christmas Haul.

My intention wasn't to spend a lot of money and I was mainly hunting for basics (most of which I got) but as with any shopping trip that involves me and my mum, other goodies were purchased.


My main goal was to buy clothes, I rarely shop for clothes and when I do I'm usually looking for sale items because 99% of what I buy is what I like to call 'throw away fashion' AKA shit that will be out of style in a couple of months. I refuse to pay good money for something that will look stupid by the next season so I'm always on the hunt for 2 for $20 deals or something similar.

In the top left corner we have 2 pairs of shorts from Factorie that set me back $30 followed by two tanks, the white and blue striped one was $1 and not actually something i can wear out but will be good for a summer nightie (yup, large singlets are sleepwear for me) and a $10 coral tank because I live in singlets.

Below that we have underwear from Bonds, I begrudgingly accepted the fact that I am no longer a size 8 in the ass and forked over $30 for that bullshit.

On the right are two basic loose tanks from Dotti, these set me back $10 each and are my preferred type of boob coverage in the summer.

The left and center tops in this photo are from Forever New, it's my favourite clothing store and one of the few places I will pay full retail for clothes because they sell a lot of classic styles, the black top is a sleeveless high neck top and the white is a soft pullover with adjustable sleeves, these were $30 each.
On the right is a maxi dress from Cotton On, this was mum's doing, she has learnt my style and I think she is slightly psychic because I was on the hunt for a new maxi dress but wasn't really liking what I was finding, this was only $15.
On the far right was my most expensive body wear purchase of the day, $50 leather thongs from Tigerlily, I never truly appreciated how easy it was to buy thongs in the summer until I discovered that my feet fucking hate rubber thongs and leather thongs aren't widely produced because everything is made in China and no one wants to fork out the initial cost of creating decent leather footwear. So thank you Tigerlily, for producing basic leather thongs that don't have a bunch of ugly straps to give me shitty tan lines and not making me sell my soul to the Devil to be able to afford them.

Above are three loose cropped tanks, I'm trying to broaden my 30 year old horizons and act like a 19 year old with tops that show off my belly button because I can. Thanks Cotton On for this 3 for $20 deal.

On the left are two pairs of shorts that will likely end up as sleep wear because I think my ass will hang out of them, I always buy something like this from Supre and then regret my horrible life choices. $5 each.  The blue thing on the right is actually purple and a sleeveless dress, I think it's actually meant to be a long top but short people are lucky and all sorts of shit can be dresses for us, this was also from Dotti and only $10 and it wouldn't be a real clothing haul without a positive affirmation singlet from Factorie, the one you see at the bottom of the picture claims that those with the strongest wings fly solo and for $5 I understood the language it was speaking.

Last year I was all about buying a year planner from Forever New, well the bastard things proved to be very popular and sold out before I could buy one. This year I found one on sale for $30.

As we were on our way out of Chadstone mum spotted this dome, I've been hunting for a large one for ages and although I found a few online I wasn't willing to pay upward of $100 plus ridiculous shipping charges, I have been using smaller ones for quite a while now but they didn't hold all of my brushes and would even squash some of them.

Often i would look at these domes and sigh over how filthy they looked, it didn't matter how often I dusted them, they would just be dirty again the next day. Then I stopped giving a fuck about the dust on my domes and remembered why I decided to use them in the first place, to keep that revolting dust off the brushes that touch my face everyday. I didn't want to spend $65 on the large dome you saw in the previous photo from Short Story but then mum said "When have you ever seen one that size for that price?" and I decided she was right.

While at the counter in Short Story mum pointed out this scented candle set, it was retailing at $55 but could be purchased for $35 with any other purchase.

What can I say, I didn't need them but mums know what their little girls like and they can be very persuasive ha!

And finally, hair shit, I'm on a white kick again and this time I'm going to try out a real toner, thanks to a lovely SA at Hairhouse Warehouse who helped me pick out the right type for what I was aiming to do and making recommendations on a toning shampoo, as I was leaving he tossed the Tigi Dumb Blonde leave-in in my bag as a freebie (which smells divine and made my hair feel lovely and soft), this all came to a little under $50.

So there it is, my pre-Christmas damage, mum has mentioned Boxing Day sales a couple of times since and that might still be a thing that I brave but for the mean time, I'm quite happy.

Did you pick up any pre-Christmas bargains?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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