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Blogmas - Memebox Special #67 Blackout

25 December 2014
Memebox Blackout box is supposed to bring a little extra black to your world, there are a lot of great black products out there (I've tried a few myself) so I had high hopes for this box, high hopes that could fall a long, fast drop to the ground.

#1 B&Soap Black Block 85g Full Size RRP $24

Soap. Black Soap.
I should have known this would be in the box, it was on sale with free shipping on the Memebox site for quite a while and I didn't buy it because fucking soap.

This uses charcoal, rosemary and olive oil to cleanse and detoxify.
Ugh. Soap.

#2 Honest Clinic Black Hole Spot 10ml Full Size RRP $26

This is a translucent grey spot treatment that uses AHA & BHA complex to clear spots, I've used this a few times and don't mind it but I'm trying to finish off a prescribed product that expires in Jan 2015 so I've put this aside until Dec is over.

#3 Tosowoong Black-Head Nose Pack 8 piece pack Full Size RRP $6

I'm keen to try more Tosowoong products so I'm ok with receiving these but realistically I don't expect much, usually pore strips don't do much for me.

#4 L'Cret Hair Colour Keeper Treatment Shampoo 300ml Full Size RRP $ 42

Shampoo for colour treated hair, only the packaging is black. Handy but not exciting.

Cost of box: $19USD + $6.99USD shipping
Memevalue: $98USD
What I paid: $22.08USD including shipping

This isn't really a great box, I'm happy to have the Tosowoong product but only because of it's brand, the rest I could live without but I'll use the shampoo and spot treatment because I have them now. I'm wishing they had put a gooey black mask in the box.

If you would like to know more about Memebox you can check out my Memebox Info page.
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