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Blogmas - Memebox Special #63 Skincare Elixir

26 December 2014
I love me a good serum so when the Skincare Elixir box was released it was obviously going to be mine. Who knew that Memebox would be able to fuck it up so royally (actually quite a few people know but I'm not going to get in to that). Technically an elixir is an oral medicine and I wasn't actually expecting to find anything like that in the box, I expected serums and ampoules though and they aren't kickin' it with their mates in this box, it's just a bit mish-mashy.

#1 Neogen Code9 Pore Tightening Aqua Cream 120ml Full Size RRP $44

I can't really be mad at this product, it's Neogen and and it's a gel moisturiser that promises to tighten my skin and I'm actually really happy to have it. Note to self: Buy more Neogen.

#2 Shara Shara Green Oasis Lifting Eye Cream 30ml Full Size RRP $ 20

This eye cream is supposed to firm up the eye area and prevent signs of aging by keeping the skin well moisturised, it contains adenosine, hydrolised collagen, lactose bacillus, date palm ferments and jojoba oil, it's a generous size and smells quite nice, my Shara Shara skin care collection is growing and I hear it's not bad stuff. It's also not an elixir. *raises brow*

#3 Tosowoong Syn-ake Whitening Mist 100ml Full Size RRP $20

I would consider this an elixir type product, Syn-ake is like a synthetic snake venom that mimics the muscle relaxing effect that a snake bite can have although this one won't shut down your nervous system and cause your heart to stop, it was developed by the Swiss and based off the venom of a Temple Viper and is supposed to act like a topical botox.
If I was able to choose what went in to this box I would opt for a product like this but I would probably something other than a whitening treatment since I'm not dealing with pigmentation at the moment, I think I might pass this on to mum because she has been wanting to treat her lines and pigmentation and a spritz on product is easy to use regularly.

#4 Tosowoong Syn-ake Wrinkle Free Lotion 100ml Full Size RRP $20

This one I will be keeping!! A wrinkle treating and preventing moisturiser, very pleased to have this (but not really an elixir..*More eyebrow raising*)

#5 Pro You Magic Silky Shinny Skin Essence 50ml Full Size RRP $36

Oh look, an elixir in an elixir box, who would have thunk it!?!?
This is a softening, brightening and hydrating serum, my favourite type! When Korean skin care promises to hydrate your skin feels so plump, when it says it will soften you end up with skin that you want to touch for hours without the use of an exfoliant and when it claims to brighten you are left with glowing happy skin. Finally an elixir!

Cost of box: $32USD + $6.99USD Shipping
Memevalue: $140USD
What I paid: $22.08USD incl. shipping

I'm really excited about the Neogen and Tosowoong products in this, they are very well known brands that produce great products. The Shara Shara and Pro You will also be used, I'm not overly familiar with either of them so I'll be interested to learn more while I use them.

If you would like to know more about Memebox you can check out my Memebox Info page.

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Would you use a product that contained a peptide that mimicked snake venom??

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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