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Blogmas - Memebox Princess Edition #6 Cinderella

2 December 2014
Oh look, another pink box full of random goodies.

The Cinderella box wasn't my first pick from the Princess range but I opted to grab it for a free upgrade to express shipping. Turns out I'm pretty happy with the contents of this one.

If you would like to know more about Memebox you can check out my Memebox Info Page.

#1 Eclaire Colour-Blast Lip Cream With Matte Finish 5ml Full Size RRP $29
Randomly selected from #01 Rhodes & #06 Santorini
Colour Received: Santorini

This is a waterproof, long lasting matte finish lip cream that is a supposed to be moisturising at the same time. Lip products are not my thing, I hate most of them with the odd exception, mostly I keep them just for the packaging or because they are a wild colour that excites me. Then there are Korean lip products, these I fucking love unless they are orange. The colour I received is a vivid pink but the finish isn't a true matte (which is a plus for me), it's kind of like Velourlips with a sheen and not drying or sticky.. So basically just not shit.

#2 Colour World Setting Powder 30g Full Size RRP $24
Randomly selected from Orange & Lavender
Colour received: Lavender

Ahhhh this. I don't even know what the fuck is going on here. Well, I do but I don't agree with it. These are tinted setting powders, the orange is good if your skin is looking a little blue or grey (yes it happens, people with serious sleep issues or those under the weather but also common in women of colour) while the purple is great for those with yellow toned issues (jaundice anyone? Mostly aimed at Asian skin tones though). I'm a firm believer of colour correcting at the beginning of the makeup routine and not the end, this powder doesn't look too heavily coloured though so I'm trying not to hate it just because I can. I haven't opened it up but I still might try it, having a yellow undertone makes this a possibly usable product for me.

#3 Eclaire Colour-Blast Blusher #Santorini Coral 3.5g Full Size RRP $32

I had to work for this swatch.
This is a blush. A $32 blush with shitty pigmentation. I actually like this blush because the pigmentation is light, I get a bit carried away when I have a blush brush in my hand so I need my product to have a 'whoa nelly' kind of attitude when it comes to colour payoff. Will keep and use, but sheesh $32 for that? Oh and yes, the compact comes empty so you can change your blush refill as you please.. Perhaps that's why it's retailed at $32.

#4 Tony Moly BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++ 20g Sample Size Approx Value $9.60

Have received one of these in a previous box and still yet to try it (I have 3 BB creams open at the moment, I'm trying, really I am) so will see how I go before committing this 'back up' to my stash. I hear it's quite good but some people have complained about it being too orange for their fair skin.

#5 Anis Double Act Curling Essence 200g Full Size RRP $6

The description for this product says: '.. Double Act Curling Essence not only delivers moisture surge, nourishment and firmness to hair but also works as a hair styler for strengthening your curls and holding them in place all day long. Apply directly over towel dried hair. Re-apply after blow dying hair to give a moist, lustrous finish to your locks'. I'm not too sure about this product, key words like 'firmness' and 'moist, lustrous finish' turn me off but 'moisture surge' and 'nourishment' get me all excited like a school girl.. Oh wow that just read like a paragraph out of an erotic novel. Let's move on.

#6 Macqueen Concealer Dual Veil 8g Full Size RRP $14
Randomly selected from: #21 or #23
Colour received: #23

I'm so super fussy about concealers, probably because most won't do jack shit for my dark circles and that's generally all I use them for, this is a double ended one, cover stick at one end and the cream at the other, the cover stick is is clearly for those with a yellow undertone while the cream is a slight peach colour so there is serious potential here. I did actually try this out after writing up the rough draft for this post and I can't say this is anything more than a run of the mill concealer, it works on minor issues but doesn't have any super duper cover power.

#7 LadyKin At The Party Long & Perm Mascara 8ml Full Size RRP $10

Mascara, good thing. I'm not opening this up because I have too many open as it is but this is a standard wand with a ball at the tip. Not what I would look for in a mascara, I see many eye stabbing moments in my future. Pray for my peepers.

I feel like I did a lot of complaining about these products but you should know that while I'm not jumping up and down with joy I am quite pleased to have them to try out. Obviously I want to be honest with my first impressions so I have to tell you guys how it is but at the end of the day I buy these boxes because I want to experience more of K-beauty.

Price of box: $29USD + $6.99 shipping
Memevalue of box: $124.60USD
What I paid: $26.30USD after points and coupons

If you want to check out more of what Memebox has to offer here is a direct link to their website (not an affiliate link).

Anything in this box catch your eye?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. Hi Hi!
    Just wondering which link to click that benefits both of us? Lust Have It are useless and I'm giving them the boot and the Meme box looks way better!

    1. Hi Laura!

      My referral link is

      The codes on the Memebox info page tab up the top of the page might still work, I haven't received codes for December yet which is annoying me to no end because I like to keep that page updated. The auto discount is only applied when you spend over $100 and I know not many people are able/willing to do that so those $5 codes really help for small purchases, if you try them out do let me know if they work or not, I can't test them because I've already capped my codes for the month haaaha.

      Also thank you for the support, it is very appreciated :)

  2. Ooo that bright lip cream looks so pretty!