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Blogmas - Glasshouse Miniature Candle Trio Destination Collection

16 December 2014
Yes, it's more mini candles.

When I was checking out the Glasshouse Christmas releases there weren't really any that tickled my fancy, my intention was to by the Mini Christmas Collection Trio but my nose said no but when it came to the Destination Collection it was Yaaaaaaaas Baby, Yaaaaaaas!

The set contains three 60g mini candles, each packaged just like a full size Glasshouse candle with a glass lid and a scent tag attached with a white ribbon. I love that these come with lids, it makes them that much more useful once you have burnt them down.

The three scents in the set are:

Montego Bay - Coconut and Lime, the Lime is the lead singer here with the coconut being the backup singer, it reminds me of a summery cocktail.

Amalfi Coast - Described as 'Sea Mist', I can smell freesia in this and I think lavender.. sounds very feminine but there is something in this that tips it to the masculine side.

Cuba - Pineapple, Tangerine and Cherry. I smell cherry mixed with something in this, I don't think I've ever tried or smelt a tangerine but I know it's a citrus so I assume that is what I'm smelling because it has a bit of a tang to it.

These little candles pack a surprising punch, I don't think they are as strong as their big sisters but they aren't disappointing. I think my biggest fear when purchasing minis like this is that they won't be worth it but I'm happy to say that I'll likely buy these every year as a Christmas treat.

The Glasshouse Miniature Candle Trio Destination Collection retails for $44.95 and is available online from Glasshouse or in David  Jones Stores.

What is your favourite Glasshouse Scent?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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4 comments on "Blogmas - Glasshouse Miniature Candle Trio Destination Collection"
  1. 4th attempt at commenting on this post, hope it works...

    Love me some Glasshouse candles! I'm currently burning Cuba in the large size (I bought it when it was limited edition last year) & I like it. Definitely smells like cherry for the most part - cherry mixed with a hint of pineapple. Can't smell any tangerine at all. The scent throw isn't too bad, but I don't think it comes quite as close to Chicago (fudge brownie, yuuuuuuuuum!) for me.

    My fave scents are Rio de Janeiro (passionfruit & lime), Montego Bay, Saigon (lemongrass) & the aforementioned Chicago. I haven't tried the first 3 yet, but they're next on my list. Might pick up that Destinations pack if they have any left post-Xmas, I like all the scents in it & all 3 are perfect for summer IMO.

    1. Oh man Chicago is amazing!! I have that one and absolutely adore it! The Destination trio is great, especially if you like all of the scents and I agree it's perfect for summer.

  2. I think I'll like this, especially with that gorgeous packaging! I haven't had a sniff yet but I think when I'm instore, I'll buy it bc it's so much cheaper than the normal $19 price tag. $19 x 3 = $57.

    I've never bought any Glasshouse candles before!! Which scents do you recommend?

    1. My all time fave is Chicago (fudge brownie), Rio De Janeiro is super fresh and fruity, Tahaa is a beautiful caramel scent (can you tell I like all the foods haha). Mum's fave is Sistine Chapel, it reminds me of a church during mass.

      I would highly recommend going in to David Jones and giving them all a sniff but if that isn't convenient and you have to shop online you can be quite confident with GH candles because their descriptions are quite true to their actual scent so if you know you love certain scents then you will more than likely love the actual candle.