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Blogmas - Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF 30.

23 December 2014
I don't use primers often but I buy a lot of them, it's one of those things that clients want to talk about endlessly, along with contouring (thanks Kim K), because they seem to promote this idea of perfection, ie; if I use a primer my skin will look flawless!
That's simply not true, skin has flaws and nothing will make your skin look like a porcelain doll's unless you work out a way to apply an instagram filter to your skin IRL or you actually are a porcelain doll.

Primers should be used for makeup longevity if your skin likes to eat your foundation or as a spac-filler for the face, if you have major lines or large pores a primer can help to a point.

When I saw that Dermalogica had a skin primer aimed at mature skin I knew I would love it but I had high expectations, in fact they were unrealistically high expectations but I think that was to be expected considering that all of the Dermalogica products I had used had impressed me way beyond my expectations.

"Smooth fine lines, brighten and prime for flawless skin, and to prep for makeup application. Velvety silicones combine with Soy Protein to help even out skin texture, creating a smoother surface. Pearl Powder and natural earth minerals provide a neutral tint for visible luminosity, radiance, and more even skin tone. 
A potent peptide helps support skin firmness, as sunscreens shield against sun damage triggered by UV light. 
Wear alone over your moisturiser, or after moisturiser application and before foundation to help decrease the appearance of fine lines for a lasting make-up finish. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours."

The primer comes in a long skinny 22ml tube and has a consistency almost like whipped butter. The scent is herbal but I can pick up lemon and lavender specifically.

When you smooth this over your skin it blends in easily which isn't always the case with silicone based primers, this also has a slight tint and light reflecting properties making it wearable on it's own. Should you choose to wear it as is you'll be left with what I consider to be a natural dewy finish and radiant skin, none of this shiny-all-over-because-I'm-greasy crap that so many products like to toot as 'dewy'.

The added bonus of containing an SPF 30 makes this a damn great casual summer makeup item, if you're going to the beach or pool and want something super light that camouflages instead of covers then this is the way to go, when you team this product with natural light you have a match made in Heaven.

I actually find this to be better used on it's own than as a primer but that is just because of my skin type, it softly blurs imperfections, evens skin tone and makes me feel good about my 'naked' face. In the picture above you'll notice subtle but flattering differences, I deal with a little redness mostly in my T-zone, my skin texture isn't great, I have annoying smile lines and I deal with some darkness around my eyes, while this product doesn't make my skin look perfect it does help to balance everything out a bit and just make the skin look a little healthier and happier.

If you have normal, dry or mature skin this will be a nice primer for you (this is aimed at a mature demographic but I don't like following beauty rules), if you're oily you might not be a huge fan, I find that it breaks down on my oily T-zone after about 4-6 hours and can move in to my lines, depending on how my skin is behaving that day.

When using this as a primer you'll want to concentrate on areas with fine lines and large pores but remember; this isn't a magic wand, it will fill to a certain extent but depending on the severity of the pores/lines you may not get a perfect result. When using this as a filler it is best applied in multiple thin layers rather than a big glob packed on, the thin layers will allow you to build it where you need it without caking it on and this is where the 'Skinperfect' part comes in, while your skin won't actually look perfect it will look damn nice and, most importantly, natural.

  • Great consistency makes it super easy to blend
  • Doesn't smell
  • Blurs without making you sparkly
  • Gives a glow without making you look shiny
  • Packaging allows great control over how much you use
  • Helps naked skin look naturally better
  • Not an amazing primer for everyone.

Personally I think using this as a primer isn't suitable for me (because I'm oily) but I have used this on more mature skin and it performs really well. Using this as my super lazy day product (when even wiping a BB cream on my face is too much blending to deal with) I have enough confidence to go out and feel really happy with my skin, also I like it when people moan at me about how my skin is 'so perfect without makeup' when really it's just this clever little product.

Dermalogica Age Smart Skinperfect Primer SPF 30 retails for $67AUD and can be purchased direct from the Dermalogica website and selected retailers.

Do you have a favourite primer?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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