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Blogmas - Christmas Eve Tradition: Secret Santa.

25 December 2014
So the day has come for the ritual opening of the Secret Santa gifts. When these arrive in the post I always have an internal battle, it goes something like this:
Verbal me: "Ohhhhhhh things in a parcel!!"
Internal me: 'Open it'
Verbal me: "I have to put this under the tree for Christmas Eve"
Internal me: 'Open it, do it now'
Verbal me: "...I wonder what's in it.."
Internal me: 'It feels like [insert any number of random objects here], it should be opened now'
Verbal me: "I have to wait, it's tradition"
Internal me: 'No, you should open it'
I then place it with the other gifts and every day I look at the parcels and go through the same good vs evil struggle until Christmas Eve rolls around and I tear them open like Cookie Monster with a packet of choc chips.

Some years I do multiple Secret Santa's, this year I did two, one from Beauty Heaven, and the other through a blogger SS program.

I'll start with Beauty Heaven..

I organised the Beauty Heaven Secret Santa this year so I knew who my SS was, but that didn't make the gift any less of a surprise.

This little Christmas card had me laughing, I always try to be good where it matters ;)

I was having a really hard time deciphering what this was when I was doing my daily squishing of the packages but I was so pleased to see a giant box of shortbread in my package, these are so, so, sooo delicious, also included were teeny weeny gingerbread men and Christmas tree cookies and some candy canes and chewy sweets, I have to avoid chocolate and often this leads to people not buying me sweets of any kind, I think this is because around Christmas it's just about the only bloody thing the stores sell with a Christmas theme so I often get the bum end of the deal when it comes to Christmas treats. I usually stock up on things for myself but it's just not the same as when someone else gives them to you. As I sit here I am scoffing down the mini cookies and chewy lollies and half the packet of shortbread is already making it's self comfortable in my stomach.

Also included in the package were some gorgeous statement jewelry pieces, the top left is a matching bracelet and necklace, on the right is a long flapper style beaded tie necklace and on the bottom left is a beaded gold filigree necklace, all are stunning and I instantly started mentally pairing them with outfits, a girl can never have enough jewelry.

This little parcel of goodies had me beaming from ear to ear and dropping crumbs all over my floor ha!

This parcel was sent by Candice who writes candyfairyblogs, I'm sure you all read her blog but if not do check it out, she's not only gorgeous to look at but reviews a really good range of products regularly.

My second Secret Santa parcel was part of the 2014 Blogger Kris Kringle hosted by sweetaholic-beautymelludee and questjen.

I'm going to start wit the body scrub, I could smell this through the package and I was so curious about what it was going to be, it smells so good and it's already made it's way in to my shower.

Next up is a Models Prefer Beauty To Go Lip Trio in a gorgeous deep berry colour, it's right up my alley colour wise so I'm happy to have this for my collection.

Finally a handful of samples made it in to my package; Tigi Bed Head Elasticate Shampoo and conditioner samples, Lonvitalite 24K Gold Eye Masks (yaaaaaaas!), Guess Girl Belle perfume sachet, Brazillian Butterfly BB Soothe (I have a bottle of this, it's quite good, this little sachet will be handy for short trips), Benefit The Porefessional & Avene Ystheal+.

This was an awesome bunch of goodies which I'm very keen to dig in to!! It was sent to me by Jasmine of sweetaholic-beauty and it's probably silly of me to recommend you guys to go read her blog because I'm quite certain you already do!

Huge thank you to the girls for taking the time to put these parcels together for me, I love everything and while I'm probably going to get fat over this Christmas period at least I'll have some new things to play with that will help me look good while I'm shoving all that food in my face.

Did you do a Secret Santa this year??

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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