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Memebox - Superbox #53 My Honey Box*

24 November 2014
Memebox kindly sent me this box for review purposes.

I wasn't expecting this box so when the DHL man blocked me in my driveway when I was trying to go to that 40% off sale we were all so excited about I knew it was going to be a damn good day. I opened the box in the car because I couldn't contain myself and when I saw it was the My Honey Box I was blown away at how lucky I was.

I missed out on the My Honey Box when it was originally for sale, I didn't really think too highly of honey based skincare but when I saw an unboxing I knew I had made a really stupid mistake. Just a little hint on where this post is going; I feel like this is the best Memebox I have ever received since starting on the road of Meme addiction.

If you would like to know more about Memebox you can check out my Memebox Info Page.

#1 MIGABEE Antipollution RE-Peeling 100ml Full Size RRP $37

Product Description
This is a peel-off type of facial pack enriched with natural ingredients renown for nourishing and brightening effects – honey, bee venom, propolis, royal jelly. It'll work to exfoliate dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads and to control excess oil and sebum by maintaining the skin clean and well-balanced.
How to use
Spread the pack adequately over your face. The texture will be sticky and honey-like at first but it’ll quickly start to dry off according to the skin temperature. Remove when it’s completely dried off.

Peeling masks have an old school novelty value for me and to be perfectly honest it has been years and years since I've used one, this one had a typical thick, sticky gel like consistency and smelled slightly of fermented fruit (sweet alcohol-ish), the ingredient list on the packaging is in Korean so I can't comment on the actual alcohol content but if it is in there it can't be high because it didn't irritate my skin or eyes at all and recently my eyes have been completely intolerant to high alcohol content in skin care. The mask peeled off in one nice big face looking sheet and left my skin feeling really smooth.

#2 Mi Click Manuka Honey Treatment 30ml Full Size RRP $5

Product Description
Enriched with high concentrates of honey, the Manuka Honey Treatment delivers deep nourishment, repairs damaged ends, and provides an intensive protein care to your dry hair. The natural manuka oil infused also works to renew damaged cuticles and restore silky gloss to your hair.
How to use
Towel-dry after shampooing. Take an adequate amount on your palms and softly massage it in throughout your hair. Rinse off after 5~10 minutes.

Yes, I was super stingy with the swatch, I didn't want to waste any of this!
I used this the night I got the box and I was expecting it to be nice but not mind blowing. My issue with this product is simply the size because it is so damn nice and totally comparable, if not better than my Kerastase conditioner, price wise it actually works out to be around the same when we look at RRP by volume so it's not really a super inexpensive product. I use this in the shower, not opting to get out and I leave it on for about 5 minutes while I do my other shower related things, it has a medium consistency, maybe a little thicker than most conditioners and it has a fresh but slightly spicy floral scent which I quite like. It's better than my usual stuff in the fact that my hair feels softer and hydrated for longer but it isn't quite as good when it comes to how long I can go between washes, usually I get 3-4 days with no oily roots and half the time I only wash it because I worry it'll start to smell, with this product I got 3 days with a little oil on day 3. The down sides of this product are totally not important to me, if a product performs really well I don't give a crap about the little things but I feel like I need to poke some holes because I'd otherwise be gushing like a teenager in love over all of these products.

#3 Enesti Apple & Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream 50g Full Size RRP $5

Product Description
The heavily nourishing honey and vitamin-rich apple formula of this hand cream works to moisturize, purify, and firm up dry hands.
How to use
Apply the hand cream generously over your hands as often as possible.

Please excuse the leftover peeling mask on my hand
This hand cream has a nice thick texture and smells like tangy apples, it actually reminds me of apple flavoured gummies that I get from a local Japanese store, the scent is my favourite thing about this product and I feel like it's bringing me to the edge of a childhood memory but I can't quite remember what it was, I really love that feeling. The cream doesn't absorb super quickly but it doesn't have a sticky feel to it so I like to apply this before bed or during the day when I've had my hands in water a lot. The packaging is cute and most importantly it doesn't cause my eczema to freak out so I approve.

#4 From Nature Multi Effect Collagen Honey Mask Full Size RRP $1

Product Description
Containing high concentrates of real honey and collagen extracts, this nourishing Honey Mask delivers deep nutrition and improves skin elasticity by creating a protective moisture barrier over your skin. Plus, this mask is packed with over 9 different herbal ingredients for soothing and brightening up the overall complexion.
How to use
After toner application, spread the mask sheet over your face. Rest for 15~20 minutes, remove, and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance.

The sexy side of blogging
This is a standard sheet mask, nothing super exciting to report here, it was hydrating and felt great because they are cooling on the skin. It had plenty of essence and extra to squeeze out for my neck, chest and hands and little flaps that you could put over your eyes if you like to lay down and relax like a normal person (I can't do that, I like to be that weirdo who looks like a psychotic killer) but I did actually find that these little flaps inhibited some of my peripheral vision and I was constantly afraid that I would step on the cat or one of the birds. Considering that these are only $1 it was a nice little mask to make me feel like I was having some 'me' time but it wasn't mind blowing-ly amazing. I believe I have ordered some of these in a recent mask madness moment I was having and I'll happily use them.

#5 EDMONG Honeybee Water Cream 50ml Full Size RRP $29

Product Description
Enriched with honey extracts, natural spring water, propolis extracts, aloe vera water, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extracts, this Honeybee Water Cream is a fast-absorbing moisturizer which strengths the skin’s natural restorative properties. It’s free of paraben, artificial coloring, mineral oil, benzophenone, BHT, talc, etc.
How to use
At the end of your daily skincare routine, apply the cream evenly over your face and massage it into the skin for full absorbance. It can also be used as an overnight sleeping pack.

This product. Oh My God this product. This isn't a cream at all but a clear gel, I've been using it as a day cream because my skin is going through an oily phase and I'm enjoying the light products now that Summer is almost on us. Being a gel it obviously has a very light texture but what makes it really quirky is how it slightly changes it's consistency mid way through applying it to your skin, it goes from feeling like a gel to literally feeling like you are rubbing water over your face and then it slowly disappears in to your skin, I just want to apply it all the time because it's like nothing I've ever used before. The first time I used this I wore it under a full face of makeup and it doesn't have any special oil controlling abilities or amazing priming ingredients, but what it does have is the fact that it shits all over every single day cream that I have ever used. I'm not exaggerating, day creams for me have just been a means to and end, my skin needs a moisturiser after I wash it and I wash my face every morning, no day cream has ever made a significant and noticeable different to my skin, that's what my night creams do. Then Korea made this and Memebox brought it in to my life and now I know that there is no excuse for not doing amaing things for my skin while I'm running around during the day doing that thing called life. When I took my makeup off and washed my face after wearing this for the day I couldn't believe it, it had to be this cream because it was the only new thing that had been introduced in to my routine in the last week. My skin felt so soft and my complexion looked a little more even, my skin is usually soft enough but this was next level soft and the redness that I deal with after removing my makeup was nonexistent. This went from fun to Holy Grail in less than 24 hours.

#6 DAYCELL Essential Honey Lift Massage Cream

Product Description
This is the perfect solution for dehydrated, sagging skin. When gently patted onto the skin, the natural honey and collagen complex of the massage cream delivers deep nutrition and firms up the skin elasticity by creating a tight-knit gel network on the skin. Plus, its unique honey-like, gooey texture glides smoothly and absorbs deeply into the skin.
How to use
Take an adequate amount in your palm and massage it over your face as if patting the product into the skin. Gently roll it on the skin until everything’s absorbed. Rinse off the next morning.

Look at that!!!
This cream comes in the biggest tube and has the most awesome texture, it's kind of gooey and stringy and while that might be off putting for some it's right down my alley, their weirder the better if you ask me! It has a nice light scent and despite the funny texture it absorbs really well and makes an excellent night cream or sleeping mask (it's currently replaced my Benton Steam Cream but I think these two will be in rotation for quite a while). I really like the fact that when I use this I wake up with soft, plump and moisturised skin but even in this current heat I'm not waking up looking slick.

#7 Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Honey 10g Full Size RRP $5

Product Description
Enriched with honey extracts, snail mucus extracts, grape seed oil, shea butter, and many more naturally-derived nutrients, Pure Smile’s Lip Treatment moisturizes, nourishes, and protects dry, chapped lips.
How to use
Apply a small amount of the lip treatment over your lip. It’s especially recommended to be used overnight for an intense lip care.

How would you feel about using a lip balm that contained snail mucus extracts? Personally I'm ok with it because I know what a good dose of snail mucin can do for the skin so I literally squealed with joy when I pulled this out of the box, this reaction peaked mums interest and after explaining how good this stuff can be she happily used it and when it gets mums tick of approval you know it's gentle yet effective. This has a very similar consistency to the Malin & Goetz lip treatment but it's not as sticky, has a slight cooling effect and smells like pears. I adore this, it's softening and actually hydrating for a really long time, most lip balms dry my lips out even more and I have to apply them several times and hour, this I apply every night to wake up with perfectly prepped lips and occasionally top up during the day if I'm rushing around and allow myself to dehydrate.

Cost of box: $29USD + $6.99USD shipping
Memevalue: $102

I adore this box, I was so keen to try everything out and all of the items have ended up in my routine, the hand cream and lip treatment are in my bag, the face moisturisers are used daily and the mask has been used twice this week alone, if another honey box is curated I'll be all over it!

The Memebox website is looking very bare but if you're in to experimenting with skincare and would like to try some 'dirty' products:

Dirty Gal - $32USD

There are also some FANTASTIC deals going on in the global shop with the Thank You Value Sets (Free shipping too! If these interest you don't forget to use the $5 coupon code on my Memebox Info Page).

Benton Set $30USD - Purchased this for myself, the Steam Cream is amazing, if you are curious about Korean cosmetics I highly recommend this set, it's a great deal and these products are well suited to all skin types.

If you would like to see the full range of Thank You Value Sets that are currently available this link will take you straight there.

This post contain affiliate links, if you choose to use them then you're rad! If that's not your cup of tea but you would like a direct link to Memebox anyway I'll provide that for you too :)

Tell me what you think of snail mucus in beauty products!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. Such a SWEET box! I'm so glad Memebox recognise you as a loyal subscriber! I hate the taste of honey but in beauty products, it's welcome.

    Peel-off anything is my favourite, I sometimes think I'm addicted to the feeling of peeling anything that's not skin, off my skin (PVC glue is so fun). The expensive mask looks so good, though I think I'll try the $1 ones :)

    I'm at that stage now where I don't even care about weird animal products in beauty products. Like chemicals, they're just substances and if they have benefits - I'm willing to try them out. Cool cool cool.

    I srsly wanna buy all these boxes but I'm still looking for a job, let me know asap if you find a box you think is incredible! :)

    Jacqueline / Colour That Canvas