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Memebox - Superbox #59 Halloween Special.

20 October 2014
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When I saw the Halloween Special box was released on the Memebox website I jumped at it, I was expecting creepy looking products. I have to admit that I didn't even read the box description until well after I had ordered it and then I realised that it was going to contain products suitable for creating looks to suit Halloween costumes and then I was a little on the fence, this wasn't something that really interested me but I kept the order hoping that there would be a few items in the box that I was happy to have.

If you want to know the ins and outs of Memebox you can check out my Memebox Info page.

#1 Revecen Face Control Foundation 100 White 17g Full Size RRP $22

This is a white cream foundation and the pigment is pretty impressive, usually I use Ben Nye's Clown White when I need a white pigment or base but it's super difficult to work with and requires knowledge and practice. When I swatched this and felt the texture I was pretty excited, since this is a cream (water) base rather than an oil base it's easy to blend and also sheer out so I can see this being easy to work with.

#2 Revecen Cake Eye Liner Black 3.5g Full Size RRP $8

I keep a cake liner in my freelancing kit, cake liners can be used wet or dry and are basically just an intense black pigment, I didn't open this one up because I already have one open and keeping it sealed will also keep it fresh. These are the best when you are doing a lot of detailed work with black because you can have it open for as long as you want and it won't dry up like a gel, you just keep activating it with cake liner sealer or water as you need to use the product.

#3 Revecen Supra Lining Colour 007 Purple 17g Full Size RRP $30

This is similar to the white base in the box, it's a highly pigmented cream product that can be used as body paint, eyeliner, lip colour, cheek colour, etc, etc. Revecen provide pro products for artists that like to get multiple uses out of one product so you can mix this with water for different effects and colour intensity.

#4 Revecen Eye Lash  RRP $6

Randomly selected from No.5, No.6, No.7.
I'm never sad to receive lashes but I must say these feel pretty cheap, very plastic-y. Not suitable for standard wear but would definitely be good for a costume (which is what this box is aimed at).

#5 Revecen Liquid Lipstick Blood 8ml Full Size RRP $16

When I saw the colour on the tube I was like 'brrrooooownnn, why brrroooownnnn?' but it's actually a blood red. I like blood red! The card claims that it can be used as fake blood 'for painting blood gushing out of your eyes and mouth..', using this as blood coming out of your mouth would be fine but the consistency isn't right (most people won't care about that but I do), if you happen to think using a blood red lip gloss around the eye to mimic blood is a good idea you would be mistaken, don't do it, it can cause major problems, if you must have blood around your eye buy blood made for SPFX and if you want blood coming out of your eye you will need an even more specific product that is made for use in the actual eye, also the colour is all wrong for eye blood, just sayin'. I repeat; DO NOT USE RED LIP GLOSS NEAR, ON OR IN YOUR EYE.

#6 Elizavecca Lip Tattoo Full Size RRP $14
Randomly selected from #032 Burgundy, #033 Dark Burgundy

Squeeeeeeee! I've always wanted to try a lip tattoo but it always seemed like an expense that was a bit silly and really I just had no reason to actually buy one. This pack contains 2 full lip tattoos and I received the colour burgundy, I would have loved it if these had a teeth pattern on them or something, for me the colour is a little Plain Jane.

#7 Lalanc Real Tattoo Full Size RRP $5
Randomly selected from No.4, No.6

I received the No.6 pack and while I think this is a bit of a silly thing to include I will likely find a use for them at some point. I think what I like most about these is the fact that they aren't black tattoos they are that faded tattoo blue colour that comes from age, I like that and it's the only reason why I didn't toss these over my shoulder when I was inspecting the contents.

Overall this wasn't my favourite Memebox but I don't hate it either. If the lip tattoo had been patterned instead of a boring block colour, the lashes were more 'creepy' looking and the cake liner and fake tattoos had been replaced with other pro products that were multi-use and more costume themed I would have been overjoyed.

The Superbox #59 Halloween Special was $23USD plus $6.99USD shipping
I paid $24USD including shipping
The Memevalue of this box is $101USD

The Halloween Special box is sold out as a single box but can still be purchased in a bundle with the CutiePieMarzia 2 box, you can check out the bundle here if you're interested.

You can read more about how Memebox works by checking out my Memebox Info page or going directly to their website.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. I love this. How brilliant all these goodies would be for not just halloween but any fancy dress party.