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Memebox - Superbox #45 Korea's Most Wanted*

16 October 2014
This post contains affiliate links. Also it's a long one... cup of tea long.

You all know how obsessed I am with Memebox, if you need a little more proof then the fact that I have 22 boxes coming between now and early December might help you to understand how crazy I am how much I love the service.

Last Thursday I went off to Terrigal in NSW for my cousins wedding and when I sat down with my first cocktail I checked my email and found a tracking number and notification that I was being sent a complimentary box to review. OMG YAAAAAAAS!

I was a little sad on friday when I received a notification that DHL had tried to deliver my box but I wasn't home to receive it, I was also mega shocked how fast they were. After organising re-delivery I waited patiently (not) for my box to arrive.

If you want to know more about Memebox you can check out my Memebox Info page or have a look at the Memebox website.

Superbox #45 Korea's Most Wanted contains 6 full size products. I'm going to be a bit more in depth with this box since it was sent to me for reviewing purposes, I opened most of the products up and used them so I can give a proper first impression.

#1 Shara Shara Tinted Style Lip Gloss 4.5g Full Size $11
Randomly selected from 01 Peach Coral or 02 Fuchsia Pink

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I am majorly fussy about lip products. I hate 99% of lip glosses and the same goes for lip liners and lipsticks (in that order too!), lip balms get a little more slack from me but even then there is a strict criteria that they must meet. I wasn't majorly excited about receiving a lip gloss of all things, I have 2 in my personal collection and I rarely use them because they just piss me off. I was having a good gawk at this product while taking photos and I knew I would keep it in my personal collection simply because I really liked the packaging, it almost looks like stained glass up close, the outer shell has a transparent pattern and the colour of the gloss shines through from the inner tube. My eyes approve.

Next was actually trying the product and it wasn't what I expected. First I was worried about the colour, I wasn't sure if the colour showing through the transparent window on the packaging was the actual colour of the gloss or just another section of the packaging, corals are gorgeous but they don't look good on me, when I opened the tube I did a little joy clap because I clearly received fuchsia.

The colour goes on opaque and smooth with the doe foot applicator, it's long lasting, not sticky and offers a slight stain so even as it wears off it still looks quite nice, it also has a fruity scent and a slightly sweet flavour (although I wouldn't recommend eating it).

Will definitely keep this one and actually use it, I kind of wouldn't mind trying some more K-Branded lip glosses too..

#2 Makeup Helper Pact 23g Full Size $23
Compact pattern randomly selected from Original, Special Romantic Rose, Special Twinkle Crystal, Special Secret Box, Special Lovely Butterfly.
Powder colour randomly selected from 21 Light Pink, 21 Light Beige, 21 Natural Pink, 21 Natural Beige, 23 Light Pink, 23 Light Beige, 23 Natural Pink, 23 Natural Beige,

I was a little confused after reading the description for this; 'Enriched with lemon balm extracts and the white flower complex made from 7 different flower extracts, Makeup Helper's famous pact boosts (boasts?) it's gentle, natural formula and it's strong adherence to the skin. Also, it's delicately scented with a rose green floral fragrance..'
Then how to use; ' Use the included cushion puff to apply the pact over your face, making sure to dab it on several times for full adherence and a long lasting finish'
I couldn't work out if this was a foundation or setting powder but I settled for setting powder in the end.

The compact is really pretty, I received the Twinkle Crystal packaging with #23 Light Pink powder, I'm not sure if you can tell by the photo but it does have a very slight pinkness to it and my first thought was that it wasn't going to work for my skin tone.

After swatching I was even less confident, sure the back of my hand in more tanned than my face but I was really thinking that I had received a gorgeous looking product that I wouldn't actually be able to use.

Then I applied it to my skin, I chose a fluffy brush over the included puff because I didn't want to pack it on and have to redo my makeup, this worked out brilliantly and I'm pleased to say that I will be able to use this product.

This is a winner product for me, the mirror is huge, the puff is super soft (I did use it to apply the powder later in the day just to try it out, works nicely but it adds a little more powder than I like), the puff and powder are separated by a nice little built in plastic flap, it has a fresh floral scent and it's fucking stunning to look at. I was worried I wouldn't be able to use it but I've been pleasantly surprised.

#3 Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set 5g x3 Full Size $14
Randomly selected from 04 Glod Shine, 09 Neutral Aura.

When I received the shipping notification and realised what box was being sent I fully expected it to be grabbed by customs and thrown in to the flaming pits of naughty-delivery-no-no hell, I knew what this box contained because I always look up boxes that interested me but I didn't purchase for myself and knowing that it was coming by air mail and contained nail polish I was sure that it wouldn't actually make it to my doorstep. I don't condone shipping nail polish by air and I would never knowingly buy a box that contained polish but I am glad that this box made it to me safely. and you guys all know how cray cray I am for glitter polish

I received the Gold Shine set, I can see this being right up my alley during Christmas. These polishes are aimed at being used as a layering set, you start with number one (left) all over the nail, number two (center) on the top 2/3rd of the nail and number 3 (right) on the tip of your nail.

They dried quickly, aside from the last one and have worn well but I do use Seche Vite as my top coat. I quite like these but I'm more likely to use them on their own rather than as a set.

#4 Blithe Patting Water Pack 200ml Full Size $46
Randomly selected from Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey, Soothing & Healing Green Tea, Rejuvenating Purple Berry.


Calm down ladies, I know it's all very exciting.
This was the product I was most excited about trying, I've heard such good things. Essentially what you do with this product is put a cap full in to a basin of water and gently pat it over your face. I refused to waste excess product so I made a mix up and put it in a small bottle so I can use it as an essence day and night. I really wanted the Purple Berry but am happy with the Yellow Citrus & Honey (and yes, it does smell like a combination of citrus and honey), this one is good for revitalising and brightening, berry is good for skin elasticity and firmness while Green Tea is good for oil and pore control. I think I have to buy the others now, I love this. L.O.V.E

Obviously I haven't had a chance to try this for an extended period but when I teamed it with the last item in this box I woke up with super soft skin that felt like a babies butt. I was so excited that I ran to mum, arms flailing yelling at her to "TOUCH IT! TOUCH MY FACE". Nutter.

#5 Pure Skin Ice Cooling and Soothing Patch 5g x5 Full Size $18

This is the only item in the box that I didn't actually try, these are bio cellulose cooling patches for sun burnt skin that contain tea tree and aloe vera to help sooth and heal upset and hot skin. I was going to use one of these for a migraine that I was dealing with last night but I felt like the essence would go to waste so I decided to save them, I don't often get burnt but it does happen occasionally so I will keep these for desperate times.

#6 Pure Supplement Lemon Blueberry Rejuvenating Overnight Mask 100ml Full Size $46

This is a night moisture and rejuvenation mask, just apply before bed over usual night routine and reap the benefits in the morning. I was nervous that this might break me out but there was nothing to fear. The Blithe Patting Water and this overnight mask definitely had an effect, sure it could have been one or the other but I don't care, the results were great!

When I opened this I could smell the lemon and blueberry, it's divine! Usually I don't care for citrus scented skin care but I've noticed my preferences are changing, this made my mouth water. The texture of the cream was super cool, it's almost like soft jelly or pudding, a little bouncy and lots of fun!

This box retailed for $32USD
Memevalue is $158USD

Unfortunately this box is sold out but Korea's Most Wanted has had a second box in the series so there is a good chance they will release another.

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Don't forget to check out my Memebox Info Page for a $5 off coupon, you never have to pay full price!

*This box was sent to me by Memebox for review purposes. Thank you Memebox!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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