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L'Oreal - Skin Perfection Range*

8 October 2014
When I was offered the opportunity to trial this new range by Beauty Heaven I was so stoked, the idea of being offered a whole range of products suited to helping women in my age group to keep their skin in tip top shape sounded like a blessing!

It wasn't.

When I received my package and started opening everything up I was impressed with the gorgeous packaging, all the items follow a theme of pink and white ombré with metallic pink accent lids, for me the packaging aesthetics is where this line peaks in it's awesomeness, the rest was such a failure for me.

Concentrated Correcting Serum

The serum bottle is the prettiest in the range by far, it features a smooth pump top and a tinted glass bottle so you can clearly see how much product is left inside.

The serum has a slight pearlescent look to it, when it is applied to the skin it feels wonderful and smooth and gives a nice glow to the skin but the scent is quite masculine and it leaves a very silicon-y feel on the skin, not really a problem for me but when the whole range is silicone heavy it's a little out of control by the time you have finished your routine. 

I also find that if you are still rubbing the serum in to your skin when it starts to set it will ball up and you'll be left with what looks like peeling skin.

Correcting Day Moisturiser

This moisturiser comes in a jar.... shakes head.
The cream is tinted pink.... shakes head.

Why is it pink!?!?!
The scent of this one is more floral and much lighter, not offensive at all. It smooths over the skin nicely but again will ball up if you overwork it, at this point you're probably thinking 'well just don't over work it' which is totally doable if you choose to stop there with your skin care and makeup routine. As soon as you go in with another layer of anything the serum and moisturiser will ball up.

If you have super dry skin the moisture that this offers won't be enough but should suit most people with normal/oily skin.

Magic Touch Instant Blur

This is a skin toned silicone primer in a small squeezy tube, it's not a quality product, it's difficult to blend properly and does require a lot of smoothing and working in to the skin, by this point my face looks like my skin is sloughing off after a bad sunburn. 

After starting to work in to skin

What it looks like once I've worked it in and given up.
The worst part about this product? It doesn't really even do anything, on it's own it would kind of be an ok primer if you got it at 75% off RRP but I would never actually recommend that anyone pays for it.

BB Cream 5 in 1 Instant Blemish Balm

This product also comes in a squeezy tube and is just.. fucked. Yes, harsh but I legitimately doubt that L'Oreal even tested this BB cream with the other products in the range.

When you smooth this over the other 3 layers of crap you are faced with a product that won't blend and requires major work to actually finish with an even face of product, all the working and blending results in even more balling of product but now it looks dirty, like you had a bad sunburn and decided not to shower for a week.

Streaky and difficult to blend properly
On it's own, with absolutely no other products, this BB cream can be used and offers a little hydration and a super light coverage, it's a bit of a nothing product and I'd prefer to just wear a good moisturiser.

Obviously I didn't bother using these for any longer than the BH trial period because I couldn't stand them but the serum and moisturiser were used daily (moisturiser during the day and serum at night), I didn't notice any difference in my skin during the trial period.

Most of the other BH members who reviewed this range didn't have an issue with the products and enjoyed them, I have no idea how this is possible but it just goes to show how some products can be great for one and absolutely crap for another. A good way for me to show an example of this is to show you how the products react together on the back of my hand and how they react on my face.

Let's start with my face

What the actual fuck is that? It looks like I have a skin disease. This is a thin layer of serum, moisturiser, blurring cream and then BB cream.

And now for my hand

Serum, moisturiser, blurring cream, BB cream. Will not blend.

This is how the products look together when I use a patting motion to apply rather than smoothing it on, better but not wearable, the best bit about applying this way is how my fingers look after patting the product in.

Awesome. #sarcasm #Ihatethisshit

  • Packaging of the serum is awesome, the rest are pretty and I love the colour theme.
  • The BB cream is ok when it's used alone, with no other products. If you like a light coverage and don't have a problem using no other skin care items under your makeup then this could be good for you.

  • Moisturiser is in a jar and the cream is pink. I don't even..
  • All the products are silicone heavy.
  • The blurring cream is not user friendly, it's difficult to work in to the skin.
  • I couldn't use any of the products together, the balling issue was BAD! 

Conclusion: I don't like this range, in fact I really hated it. Nothing worked right for me and 

Have you used a product that you absolutely hated recently?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. This is happening with me matter what i do ...all the products starts balling up & stick to my beauty blender... Shitty range of products