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3 Day juice Cleanse - Day 3.

23 October 2014
Day 1 can be read here.
Day 2 can be read here.

10:27 am - Woke up about an hour ago after a really late night and feel pretty good. Still sick of green juice, so glad it's my last day and I won't have to drink another after this but on the other hand.. really looking forward to orange juice!!! I think I will definitely keep drinking the orange juice, it's delicious! Also planning my breakfast for tomorrow; poached egg on a piece of toast with a little avocado. I hate eggs, I eat about 3 a year when I get the rare craving for them and one of those cravings has been with me since day 1.
I dreamed that I was eating last night, I clearly haven't go over the 'head' hunger. I reckon if I was stuck on a deserted island with other people I would be the first to suggest cannibalism.

11:48 am - ORANGE JUICE IS THE BEST!! Highlight of my day.

1:27 pm - Drinking my second last green juice, SECOND LAST. I won't miss you green juice.

2:39 pm - All I can think about is food but I don't feel hungry. I just want to chew on something solid. I'm fantasizing about the poached egg. Who the fuck fantasizes about an egg!?!?

5:20 pm - Working on my last green juice, omg so close to being done.

6:01 pm - Finishe green juice, yup that how long it takes me to get through them. Yuck.

6:41 pm - I'm not just dreaming about the egg now.. I think as I get closer and closer to bedtime I'm getting more agitated, tomorrow I can eat. Bliss.

7:48 pm - Went to the supermarket for tomorrows food, torture. I'm excited for food but suspect I will only be able to eat small amounts so I refrained from buying everything that tempted me. One more sleep, one more sleep.

10:12 pm - Ok, it's bed time. I'm excited to eat tomorrow but I do feel a lot better so I can't say I regret starting this but I am oh so glad that it's over. If anyone is curious; I lost about a kilo and a half over the 3 days, like I said in my first post this wasn't about my weight though, I'm glad I didn't lose any more because I'm already slim.

Bring on the morning and breakfast!

Oh, by the way.. this is my 250th post! Yay me!

So what do you think about juice cleansing now that you have read about my experience?

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2 comments on "3 Day juice Cleanse - Day 3."
  1. After reading your experience, I am NOT going to try the juice cleanse. Good on you for sticking to it, tho! :)

    1. Haha I don't blame you! I'm glad I stuck it out because it works but it really was a form of torture!