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3 Day Juice Cleanse - Day 2.

22 October 2014
Day 1 can be found here.

9:04 am - Woke up at 7 without an alarm feeling quite fresh but extremely comfortable so I rolled over and went back to sleep, by 8:15 my body was screaming at me to get up. I'd had such a restful sleep and just wanted to keep going but my body was awake so I got up and made my 3 green juices for the day. The green juices started out as nice but now I am fucking sick of them, in fact I am fucking sick of juice completely, but I do feel good, so much better to what I have been feeling lately so it's obviously doing me some good.

10:47 am - Had to go to the supermarket for apples and almond milk ingredients since I spilled the damn thing yesterday, the supermarket is torture. There is also a subway in the complex, that is even worse.

Green Juice
12:48 pm - Everything I read said day 2 would be easier, it is to a point but I still want to eat some solid fucking food. I know it's working because I feel better but I can't get past the 'hungry but not hungry' feeling. It's agitating.

2:05 pm - Just made my last juice for the day, after yesterday I learnt to juice all of my green juices in the morning, orange for 'morning tea' and my one red juice at lunch. I still have to go make my almond milk but I have energy to burn so I want to hang out another load of washing. Aside from being 'head' hungry I feel great, the cleanse is torturous because I want solid food so badly but I can't deny that I feel so much better. I'm half way through, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can see it!
Orange Juice
4:12 pm - Almond milk is made and there was no catastrophe, trying to work on my last green juice for the day. Hate.

5:09 pm - Feel another migraine starting, yesterday I thought it was caffeine withdrawals and just general fuckery going on with my body, today I'm pretty certain it's the oranges. I'm supposed to avoid them because they can trigger migraines but usually I find I'm ok with fresh squeezed stuff. Have taken painkillers and hope that it doesn't ruin the rest of my night. Annoyed. Might try a one hour nap.
Red Juice
6:54 pm - Nap was a good idea. Green juice is the worst thing ever. Kill all the green juice.

10:32 pm - Ready for bed but feeling great, still 'head' hungry though.

Almond Milk
You can probably tell by the orange juice and almond milk pics that they are my faves and don't last long once they are opened up!


Green Juice - 3 Times a day
1/2 cucumber
3 kale leaves stems removed
1 inch piece of fresh ginger
Juice of 1/2 lemon
3 celery stalks, leaves and all
1 apple
few stalks of parsley
2 spinach leaves
3-4 baby cos leaves

Orange Juice - 2 Times a day
3-4 carrots
1 orange (peel removed)
1 apple
1 inch piece of fresh ginger
1 slick of pineapple, skin removed
Juice of 1/2 lemon

Red Juice - Once a day
2 baby beetroot or equivalent of a large beet
1 apple
3 large carrots
1 orange (peel removed)
2 spinach leaves
1 inch piece of fresh ginger

The orange juice is amazing, the red is kind of ok, I can put up with it once a day but the green juice will not be missed, I'm so sick of it.

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2 comments on "3 Day Juice Cleanse - Day 2."
  1. I'm thinking about giving this a go over the weekend! I've been feeling very sluggish and I had a bit of a naughty weekend and ate a lot of food!

    1. It's worth doing if you're feeling crap because now I feel fantastic! It's almost like being a kid again and having an endless supply of good energy to burn. With that said I wouldn't do it again unless I absolutely had to! Food is so delicious and I really miss it!