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Memebox - Jackpot Box Third Place.

12 September 2014
If you didn't believe me when I said the Memebox addiction was real then over the next coupe of months you will likely begin to see just how bad it has hold of me and just how little I care.

I will not stop and you can't make me!

Late last month Memebox announced the 'Jackpot' box, basically you would buy a Jackpot box for $32 and one of 9 different boxes would be sent to you, the first place box (which there was only one of) was valued at $1000 worth of products, second place was valued at $579 (with 15 available) and third contained $371 worth of goodies (30 available), followed by that were 6 other boxes with decreasing value and varying amounts of boxes available. As the title of the post tells you, I received a third place box, valued at $371 and today I'm going to show you the contents and let you know my thoughts, if you'd like to know what was in the other boxes then you can check out this page on the Memebox website which has lots of pretty pictures.

A box of twelve awesome goodies and LOOK AT THE IOPE!!!! Squeeeeeee

DEWYTREE - Real Collagen Nutrition Serum 50ml ($39) Full size
Supposed to be good for large pores and sagging skin. This smells a little like sunscreen to me and contains a lot of silicone which isn't what I would ideally look for in a serum but I'll at least give it a go, I kind of like the old school packaging. Cute!

KANG SKIN - Rejuvenating Cream 50ml ($72) Full Size
This has snail mucus extracts in it, is it weird that snail creams make me excited? Another one that has anti-ageing properties, feels like it'll be a good hydrator which I love and damn gurl that packaging!

DERMAHOUSE - Collagen Firming Cream 30ml ($29) Full Size
I'm a bit excited about these collagen products, recently I've been learning about skin biology so I know that technically the collagen won't actually be useful to the skin if the molecules are indeed small enough to be absorbed but I do know they can make pretty good emollients and hydrating creams are my jam so I am not sad to have received this. Also is smells so softly of  lemons and vanilla that I want to lick my own skin.

DAVI - Le Grande Cru Cream 7ml miniature Sample Size
Another firming, hydrating, rah, rah, rahing face cream. This stuff is stupidly expensive though, $185 for 60ml. It is by far the thickest face cream I have ever come across and smells like rich old ladies (which is actually quite pleasant). It kind of has a cooling effect, I had a quick peek at the ingredients online but none rung a bell for offering a cooling sensation. I'm actually just a teeny tiny bit hesitant about this cream, the last super expensive face cream I tried broke me out so I'm actually a little frightened of it. Somebody hold my hand!

EVAS - Vitamin Sun Cream SPF38 PA++ 50ml ($11) Full Size
...the fuck is a vitamin sun cream??? Apparently it's smart, vitamin enriched and sounds like a BB cream without the tint. Whatever. If it prevents me from getting burnt, doesn't look greasy on my skin or break me out I'm happy to call it my new friend.

When I opened my box and say 3 IOPE products I squealed like a pig and then laid an egg I was that excited.

IOPE - Lip & Cheek 01 Rose Pink 4g ($42) Full Size
You'll see the colour swatch for this below. Truthfully I would have preferred this to be another skin care item from IOPE but if they were going to send me any makeup product from this brand they sent me something from my list of top 3 products I would want to try. This is a cream lip and cheek tint but I will never use it on my cheeks, the tint is way to sheer and while it can be built up it feels like it has great potential for blocking my pores if I use too much, it has an almost wet look to it's finish so it's not really what I look for in a cheek colour but lordy, lordy does it look pretty on the lips!

IOPE - Essential Facial Oil 30ml ($90) Full Size
I love me a good face oil and I'm super excited about this! Good for hydration and with a light scent which to me smells like rosemary, feels good on the skin and I'm keen to try something other than my good old RHO.

IOPE - Essential Tone & Wrinkle Care Eye Cream 25ml ($86) Full Size
This smells so fresh and divine, like summer, love and expensive taste. A hydrating eye cream which is meant to fill and plump lines while hydrating to prevent more from forming. I'm a bit obsessed with eye creams so I was so happy to receive this.

LUNA - Wonder Essential BB Founde SPF25 PA++ Sample Size
This is sealed so I haven't checked the colour, I received #21 Nudy Beige which just sounds naughty if you ask me. Recently I've been feeling the urge to wear lighter coverage bases so while I don't buy in to the hype surrounding BB creams I'm not disappointed to have this, if I can get through spring and summer without having to buy any new base products I'll be pleased with life.

CHEEK ROOM - Curl and Long Lash Mascara 8g ($9) Full Size
Mascara. I love not having to buy mascara. The last time I can actually remember buying mascara was in 2012 when I went to Europe. Since then subscription boxes, free samples and GWP have kept me going, with my current stash I can't see myself buying another in the next 12 months.

RUBELLI - Water Glow BB Cream 40ml ($24) Full Size
Also sealed but the name has already won me over, I want to glow like water! This apparently 'works to adhere tightly onto enlarged pores, covering and evening them out into a very natural, brighter tone', I'm not sure how I feel about that description though, I picture it pooling in my pores and looking revolting, time will tell.

MEMEBOX - Memebrush 1ea 
The spoiler picture and listing made me think that just one brush would be sent and when I opened my box I thought it had been replaced with a glitzy black makeup pouch. When I opened said pouch I found 6 mini travel brushes that felt awesome. I'm currently waiting for these to dry after their initial deep clean so I can try them out. Guess who had been browsing for a set of mini travel brushes for an upcoming short trip? Guess who doesn't have to bother?

If you'd like to know more about Memebox or even make an order you can check out their site or if you would like to use my affiliate link you can visit the page here (transparency disclaimer: I get 5% commission if you order through my link or use my codes which I can convert to meme points).

Affiliate codes for my readers:
$5.00 off orders over $100 from 30/6/2014 to 29/9/2014
Coupon Code:  AFFILIATE-1285-A4SQN-QAWL

$10.00 off orders over $150 from 31/7/2014 to 29/9/2014
Coupon Code:  AFFILIATE-4188-EGNH9-PNVT

Apparently affiliate codes and standard codes are sometimes stackable so don't forget to try that out!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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9 comments on "Memebox - Jackpot Box Third Place."
  1. Thanks for review!^^ What was the weight of the parcel from?

    1. the weight of the parcel was 1.11kg so nice and heavy! :)

    2. Thanks! Weight of my parcel 0.958, I'm very waiting for it *__*

  2. What a great Memebox! Congrats. Hmmm, every time I read your memebox reviews, I get more and more tempted to buy one for myself :)

    1. Indie I can't recommend the service enough! It's not going to be for everyone because it's not customised at all but when I consider all of the new products that I buy that turn out not to be suited to me I'm really not doing much different with opting for this service over what is already on our shores. I'm warning you though it is dead set addictive. I can't stop and I don't really want to haha.

  3. I have so many skincare products at the moment that the ones you got didn't excite me but when I saw those pink brushes, I am so so jealous right now! I've been holding off buying a memebox as I can clearly see that it's so addictive and your posts are not helping me at all! hahaha
    I just discovered subscription boxes and meme boxes are always a delight to check out!
    I'll be stalking you for your next meme box post! :)

  4. Ahhh so many goodies!! I know what you mean about the not buying mascara, I honestly can't remember the last time I bought one haha

  5. soo.... many... products!!! I'm really tempted...does $32 incl postage?

    1. No, that price doesn't include postage unfortunately :( there is a current coupon for $5 off (GGVX) so that almost covers standard shipping but there is also a small currency conversion fee if your bank sucks like mine. Also this particular box is sold out :( if you want a heads up though there will be new boxes released tomorrow (early hours of the morning).