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Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Powders.

20 September 2014
My first experience with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders was seeing the Ambient Lighting Palette in a YouTube video and I died.


By the time I realised Mecca was stocking these they were sold out almost everywhere and I struggled to get my hands on just a single powder.

I started off by purchasing Mood Light and scoured stores for other colours, slowly feeling the heart wrenching pain of not being able to find a product that I wanted oh so badly, then I found out that they were being restocked at Mecca, along with the Ambient Lighting Palette.

The palettes took a little while to become available so in the mean time I purchased Dim Light, followed by Ethereal Light and finally, one night, while I was drunk and trying to read my emails I saw that the Ambient Lighting Palette was in stock and available for purchase online and I did a naughty thing and bought it.

Best drunk decision ever.

Lets look first at the single powders.

They all come in a square compact with a generous size mirror (which I never use. Ever.). Each single compact holds 10 grams of product and will set you back $59.00AUD at Mecca Cosmetica (yay for the recent price drop!). Every powder contains a finely milled shimmer, I actually don't like to use the word shimmer here because it's so finely milled that it adds a radiance to the skin rather than a sparkle, the idea of the powders is to give the skin an all over glow and reflect light so that imperfections are less visible to the naked eye.

Ethereal Light

Ethereal Light is a white powder and where I would point people who are extremely fair but this can also be used by anyone with anywhere up to mid toned skin, unless you pack it on with a spatula it's not going to make you look like a ghost. This also makes a great highlight that is subtle and pretty without looking like you slathered your face with fairy sparkle paint.

Dim Light

On the Mecca website Dim Light appears as the darkest shade but it's not so dark that it's only going to be suitable for the deepest skin tones, if you're very fair I wouldn't choose this colour but if you have a little natural colour to your skin or you have a medium skin tone then this will wear well, a light dusting will make you look sun kissed and glowy. I also like this as a light contour (used a little heavier than all over the face).

Mood Light

This has a pink base and I certainly can't wear it all over my face, I find this is better as a soft blush but if you had a medium skin tone with pink undertones you could easily wear this all over. This is the least suitable colour for me unfortunately but I still use it occasionally.

Ambient Lighting Palette

This palette contains three shades; Dim, Radiant and Incandescent, the latter being exclusive to the palette.

Incandescent Light

Gorgeous pearly highlight with a very soft pink base, I like to dust this over my cheekbones and collar bones because I can.

Radiant Light

Radiant and Dim Look very different in the palette, radiant looks like the perfect bronzing colour and it would be for anyone with a medium skin tone, also a great colour for those who like to tan and add a little extra glow with a makeup product, choosing between Dim and Radiant is going to come down to your skin tone and your personal preference when it comes to lighter or darker bronzing powders.

When I use the palette I mostly run my brush back and forth over all the colours at once, the combination of the three is perfect for me and gives great colour depth and dimension. This is how I'd recommend using the palette but the colour isn't going to suit everyone so definitely try it out at Mecca first and then decide if you're going to be better off with one or two single compacts or the palette.

If I had managed to get my hands on the palette first, I probably wouldn't have bothered buying any of the single compacts but every time I play with them I realise that I'm actually really happy that I own them and I think I still want to buy Diffused and Luminous but at $59.00AUD a pop it's something that I'm not going to rush in to, if I found out they were going to be discontinued I might take the plunge along with a backup palette but while they are readily available at Mecca stores across the country I don't feel the need to rush out and buy them.

Something to keep in mind about the powders; they aren't setting powders, they are finishing powders and the difference is huge. If you usually use a translucent or coloured setting powder then these need to go over the top of that, if you don't usually use a setting powder then you can go straight in with these after your base is applied. Oily skin girls will want to keep blotting sheets on hand, since these produce luminosity keeping oil under control is important because you will look slick and shiny if you don't manage the skin throughout the day. If you're unsure I highly recommend having it applied at Mecca and wearing the powder for a few hours before deciding if the product is right for you.

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and Palette can be purchased at Mecca Cosmetica for $59.00AUD and $86.00AUD respectively.

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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  1. These look so gorgeous, sadly having combo skin I'm too scared to use these in case I look like an oil slick. I may look into purchasing Incandescent light though, that looks like a stunning highlight!