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Project Pan 2014 Update #3

30 September 2014
It's been a very quite month on this blog which means it's been a fucking absurdly busy month IRL. If September was a person I would have gagged him, hog tied him and locked him in a basement because it was so in my face and obnoxiously demanding. Busy days aside I did manage to use up a few things.

Hourglass - Ambient Lighting Powders.

20 September 2014
My first experience with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders was seeing the Ambient Lighting Palette in a YouTube video and I died.


Memebox - Jackpot Box Third Place.

12 September 2014
If you didn't believe me when I said the Memebox addiction was real then over the next coupe of months you will likely begin to see just how bad it has hold of me and just how little I care.

I will not stop and you can't make me!

Memebox - Global #14.

5 September 2014

Project Pan 2014 Update #2

1 September 2014
So I've made it through another month... Kinda... Maybe not really.

I'll talk about my months purchases at the end of the post, for now lets take a look at all the empty bottles, jars, tubes and foil packets I've been hoarding throughout August.