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Nivea - Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ *

4 August 2014
This was recently sent to me by Beauty Heaven for testing as part of their Trial Team, usually moisturisers that contain SPF aren't my thing but I'm trying to broaden my horizons so figured it would be worth giving it a go and until recently had never tried a Nivea face cream, but as it turns out life would have me using two Nivea creams simultaneously, I had this one for day use and the Nivea Pure & Natural Night Cream for evening use, I'm confident that I've come to a final conclusion about both.

The first thing that makes me not love this product is the jar packaging. Fucking jars. Seriously.
I assume that Nivea are trying to keep in line with brand tradition because from what I can see almost all of their face creams come in a jar and have for the life of the company. What pisses me off about this is that they claim to have these great active ingredients in their product that will help prevent aging and improve the look of wrinkles and lines but they seem to forget that active ingredients break down when they are exposed to air, so as soon as you open that jar and peel off the protective seal the contents of the jar are becoming less effective every day. What's the point? Also I'm sick of getting moisturiser under my nails every time I stick my fingers in the jar, it's revolting.

The cream has a medium consistency and smells of sunscreen, flowers and sexy men (I dunno, that's just what I smell), when it's rubbed in to the skin it feels quite good but it leaves a shiny slick over the skin. It's actually quite odd, I feel like the moisturiser and the sunscreen are two seperate products mixed together, the moisturiser absorbs in to the skin and the sunscreen leaves that tell tale oil slick of a low quality facial sunscreen, every time I use it I'm a little confused by it to be honest.

As for how the cream performed it was really a nothing product, I haven't seen any results other than I'm quite sure it's causing breakouts, I find that when I have this or the night cream on for more than 8 hours I develop some sort of puss devil on my face, this makes using them a bit of a pain in the ass especially if I have a long day ahead or I want to sleep in.

  • It kind of reminds me of what a sexy man should smell like.

  • Jar packaging
  • Oily residue
  • Puss devil summoner

Conclusion: Clearly I'm not enamoured by this product, the jar is stupid, the greasy residue is stupid and it's highly fragranced (also stupid). Also Nivea can stick it for not listing the full ingredients of the product (stupid) and I'd like an apology for the new scars on my chin (my stupid, shouldn't squeeze. Still annoyed).

Have you had a good experience with Nivea face creams? Let me know your thoughts.

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2 comments on "Nivea - Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ *"
  1. Lol @ 'fucking jars' - I hear you! There are a few products that I've loved but will unlikely buy again because they're in jars. So unhygenic and a waste of cotton tips if you resort to using those. Surely tube packaging would be cheaper to manufacture anyway?
    I won a tub of this from BH but haven't opened it yet as I have a couple of others I want to get to first. Looking forward to the sexy man smell though ;)

    1. I can put up with jars for some products but face moisturisers need to be in tubes or pump bottles, I agree that it would likely be cheaper to manufacture tubes so I have no idea why they do it!!

      It's worth trying, especially since you received it for free and I'd still be using it if it wasn't causing me issues because I enjoyed it apart from that factor and I know if I stuck to a strict routine I could have made it work but some days I want just want to go a little slower or be a little bit lazy haha!