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Dirty Works - Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub

23 August 2014
My Holy Grail body scrub is the Puretopia Glowingly Smooth Body Polish, that stuff is like a bottle full of little dothraki warriors that have been trained to scrub your skin to perfection and it ticks all the boxes for me but I do really love trying new body scrubs because I believe everything can be improved on.

 The Dirty Works Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub is pretty impressive in the way of making your skin feel silky soft and smooth, it comes in a 200ml tube and retails for $7.95AUD but is often on sale, making it extremely affordable.

The texture of the scrub is really thick and almost like a jelly, it has a bit of resistance and kind of holds it's shape when you play with it, it's almost like silly putty with lumps.

The scrub contains pecan shell powder which helps with the scrubby scrubby bit but it also contains polyethylene (little bits of plastic) so it's not really environmentally friendly and people are actually pushing to have these banned because of the effect they apparently have on our waterways (I say apparently because I haven't researched this much myself but I guess I would equate it to chucking an empty plastic bottle in the ocean, I'm not cool with that).

Something about the ingredients that I found interesting is that what I've listed above is not what is listed on the Dirty Works website, the ingredients listed on the website are pumice and peach seed powder so I can only assume that they recently changed the formula because I purchased this scrub earlier this year. Anyway, I support and praise the change made to the ingredients.

I would say that this is just as good as my Holy Grail scrub in the way that it makes my skin feel but it's not going to be winning any awards as far as I'm concerned because it stinks. Actually Stinks. It smells like cheap hotel soap and I do not like.

  • Scrubs really well and leaves the skin feeling lovely
  • Super inexpensive, often on sale and lasts quite a while
  • Formula changes have made this more environmentally friendly

  • Smells wrong

I'm a little torn about this product, I love how it scrubs but I hate the scent and I have to force myself to use it, if I didn't know about the formula change I would never consider buying it again but now I'm curious if it's just as effective and if they also changed the scent, might need to see if I can have a whiff next time I'm at Coles.

Dirty Works Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub can be purchased at Coles stores nation wide and retails for $7.95AUD.

Also if you haven't checked it out already, why not stop by my blog sale and see if you can pick up a bargain!

Have you tried this scrub? If so let me know how you would describe the scent!

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1 comment on "Dirty Works - Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub"
  1. Really good to hear that they have changed their formulation to be more environmentally friendly! Thanks for the review! x