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Saturday Sample - Lapurete Okuru Resurrection Night Cream.

12 July 2014
This sample came to me as a bonus item in my last Beautorium order, it also included a sample of the cream cleanser which I've also had the full size of and previously reviewed here.

After using this night cream for a few weeks I decided it needed to be reviewed because it's pricey and it's such a run of the mill product.

The packaging of the sample is pretty nice, it's got a little pump dispenser which gives you good control over how much product you use, the full size bottle also has a pump top but it's one of those snazzy flat ones that pushes product out of the hole when the pump is pressed and seals completely when you let go, I know my way of describing this is perfect and you all totally know what the fuck I'm talking about so you won't need to check out Kat's post to get a proper picture in your mind. /sarcasm. Go, check out her post, she's got all the pictures you'll need and she reviews the whole Okuru range in the one post.

The full size bottle of this retails for $59.90AUD so it's not cheap, I don't know about you guys but I'm more than happy to spend significant money on products that work well with my skin and while I do have a specific moment where this product surprises me consistently (more on that in a moment) it's not worth the money in my eyes.

The cream is quite rich which is generally what I look for in a night cream but the formula is weird, I find it difficult to smooth over the skin without having to work it in and generally that pisses me off because I feel like I'm tugging at my skin.

Mmmm feels luxurious..
The cream has a plant-ish scent, I think it's supposed to be rose but the more I smell it and try to pinpoint it the more I think it stinks so I'm just gonna leave it at that.

The one thing that I love about this cream is every morning when I wash my face it feels soooo soft and silky but it only feels like that when my skin is wet so I figure it has to be the moisturising layer that it leaves on the skin and not my actual skin being amazingly soft. Disappoint.

So the cream is nice enough, I'm not struggling with dry skin so it's obviously hydrating but I haven't experienced any other benefits and I've been using it for over a month every single night (great sized sample, cheers Lapurete and BH!). The Lapurete website claims this product will help 'dry skin, sagging skin, skin roughness, dull complexion and expression lines'. I can't comfortably confirm that I have noticed any of the benefits other than hydration.

Would I buy it again? No, my skin just didn't respond to this products in any significant way that would make me feel comfortable spending the money on the range. If I ended up with it in my stash then I would definitely use it but I'll keep my money. Sorry, not sorry.

Have you tried any of the Lapurete Okuru range? If so tell me your thoughts!

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2 comments on "Saturday Sample - Lapurete Okuru Resurrection Night Cream."
  1. I am using this product at the moments. It's nice, but hasn't wowed me, unfortunately, or fortunately with that price tag

  2. Hiya doll, thanks for the link love ♥ I reckon I'll have finished this whole range by the end of the month and will post an update then - it's nice enough, and the eye cream has helped my crows feet a little, but overall, I haven't seen results to justify the big $$$ either xxx