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Indeed Laboratories - Eysilix.

16 July 2014
We are all well aware of Indeed Laboratories and their 'no bull - all business' products, Hydraluron was a smash hit when it hit Australian shores and I figured it was about time to try out some of their other products.

Eysilix was the next step for me, eye creams have become somewhat of an obsession for me, I have dark circles that I've been battling ever since I realised that I cared what my face looked like and in more recent times I've noticed one of my eyes is developing an eye bag. Thanks face, appreciate that.

Indeed Labs. claims: "Instantly lifts, reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while targeting fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and tired eyes."

Eysilix uses 10 peptides to battle all the crap we don't want to see around the eyes, it is supposed to deliver not only instant results but long term results (obviously, they aren't permanent, if you stop using the product the problems will return, as is the case with all eye creams).

The 15ml tube comes in a seriously over sized box but I can see why, there is a crap tonne of information right there on the box for you, just remember to recycle it when you no longer need it.

Your tube of Eysilix will come with a fine tip dispenser, making sure that the amount of product you squeeze out isn't too much (if you're wondering what the perfect amount is for each eye, envision a grain of rice) and keeps the contents safe from air, which will break down all the good ingredients and also keeps bacteria at bay.

The consistency of the cream is actually quite thick, it doesn't have a huge amount of slip and I like to apply an eye serum first so that I can minimise tugging on the eye area, because it's fucking delicate and you don't want to be damaging the area while you're trying to help it. The scent is indescribable for me but I'm going to call it 'Peptide-y', it smells like it should work. It's not strong or offensive by any means and clearly not scented with anything unnecessary .

When it comes down to it I'm not actually sold on this product, my biggest problem with it is that it balls up, all of my makeup and skin care hates this product, I can't wear it during the day because I don't want funny little balls of crap around my eyes so I can't get the full benefit of using this product properly. It's fine at night because it's the last product that goes around my eyes and as long as I don't touch it, it stay put.

Since I can't use the product morning and night I can't say my results were miraculous because they weren't, I did power through for about a month of using this day and night and I saw a reduction in my dark circles that was pretty damn significant, I'm also dead set certain that this stuff made my eyelashes grow. I know this because my lashes were looking fuller and touching a part of my brow bone that they didn't usually reach after about week 2 of consistent use but when I could no longer stand wearing it during the day my lashes slowly started to look as they did before I started using this and my dark circles returned back to their usual shitful appearance. As for puffiness, lines and the rest of it, I did see a change but again it all went down the drain when I started using it only at night.

I really like this eye cream, it works and it has awesome benefits but for fucks sake I can not deal with a product that balls up when it comes in contact with other skin care, at my age it is difficult enough creating a beautiful base for makeup and ensuring everything looks smooth and youthful, I don't need to look like I have some crusty eye thing going on because my eye cream doesn't get along with the other kids in the playground.

  • Assisted with dark circles significantly.
  • Made my lashes grow.
  • Hydrating.
  • Great packaging and dispensing nozzle.
  • A little goes a long way.

  • Product balls up when it comes in contact with other skin care and makeup and friction is applied.

Conclusion: I like this cream but I can't use it the way I want to and I can't recommend it. I hope one day Indeed Labs reformulates this because then I will happily try it again but for now it's not something I would repurchase.

Indeed Laboratories Eysilix retails for $34.99 and can be purchased at Priceline, it's often on sale too!

Have you tried Eysilix? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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