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Dirty Works - Coconut Scrub & Body Butter.

3 July 2014
Coconut scented things are a weakness for me, the same goes for many fresh, fruity scents but coconut usually has me grabbing jars and tubes off shelves and shoveling them in to my basket regardless of whether I need them or not.

When Dirty Works started popping up on shelves I didn't feel the need to rush and and buy their products but as they started to make the rounds on the beauty blogs I started to develop a little interest, when people started recommending them personally I decided something had to be done.

So I went out and grabbed a bunch of Dirty Works products and the rest is.. Well, this blog post, and possibly another because I've got a couple others to put to the test.

Life's a Beach Coconut Scrub

The scrub uses walnut shells to get rid of your flaky bits and coconut oil to moisturise the skin, these are held in a creamy base so it doesn't foam up whatsoever, you may want to use your foamy stuff first and then follow up with this.

I want to talk about the scent really quickly, I can clearly smell coconut but it's not the fresh organic scent you get with coconut oil, it almost smells like a chocolate/coconut blend to me and I'd say that's to do with fragrance and other ingredients used. It's not a bad thing, I don't mind it but I think I've become a bit of a coconut snob since switching to the organic stuff, with that said I still think it's worth having a sniff if you are a coconut fan.

The scrub performs quite well, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and thanks to the coconut oil it feels nice and hydrated. For anyone who is worried about oily or greasy residue being left on the skin, don't worry, I've never noticed anything like that, my skin just feels good.

That Fiji Feeling Coconut Body Butter

This is my favourite product in the duo, the scent is the same as the scrub as you would expect but it's the formula that hits all the marks for me.

The butter is in a generous 300ml tub, you probably know that I'm not a fan of jar and tub packaging but when it comes to body moisturisers/butters I really don't mind tub packaging, I find it's easier to open it up and apply it all over the body with little fuss and mess, I couldn't even count the amount of times I've dropped a bottle of body moisturiser because my hands are slippery.. have you ever tried to clean moisturiser out of carpet? That's the first circle of hell right there.

The formula is thick enough to feel luxurious but smooth enough to rub it in to your skin without feeling like you've just done a workout and need to shower again, it absorbs really quickly and leaves the skin feeling nice and soft to the touch and most importantly; it hydrates really well. The scent lingers for a little while but it's not so strong that it's going to interfere with your perfume.

  • Scrub is scrubby and not drying to the skin.
  • Smells good.
  • Body butter absorbs quickly, is easy to smooth over the skin and nicely hydrating.

  • The scrub doesn't foam up, not a huge problem but if you like foamy body stuff you'll need a separate product for that.
  • If you hate tubs with a passion then the body butter will piss you off.

So the big question; would I buy them again? My answer is yes and no, if I saw them on sale and I needed a scrub or body butter then yes (especially the body butter),  but I would also check that there was nothing new on sale that I wanted to try first.. Get my drift? I did enjoy them, they were inexpensive, easily accessible and worked a charm. If you have been interested in trying some Dirty Works products I'd definitely recommend them, they are nice products and the packaging is visually awesome!

Do you have a favourite Dirty Works product?

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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3 comments on "Dirty Works - Coconut Scrub & Body Butter."
  1. Thanks for the review, Hailey! I think I'll give them a miss. My nose is not a fan of scented products. :)

    1. It's amazing how a scent can make or break a product for people, I'm like that with some herbal scents, not only do I find them unappealing but occasionally they can make me feel ill!

  2. The scrub sounds really nice and gentle. I actually might try that out! Thanks for the review :)