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Come Play With Me - Wing It Out.

28 July 2014
The newest CPWM theme was chosen by Monique over at Makeup With Monnii. Winged liner and I have a love/hate relationship, because of my eye shape applying winged liner that doesn't look retarded is actually quite difficult and the margin for error is extremely narrow, applied correctly it lifts my eyes and makes them look bigger, applied incorrectly and I look like I have droopy eyes with little black lines poking out the sides.

Eyeliner has made me cry on more than one occasion.

I thought I'd show you my every day liner look, it's what you will find on my eyes every single time I do my eye makeup with the only difference being the eyeshadow that I choose to apply.

My base shadow is usually something neutral and matte, here I used MAC's Brule, I then apply Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink using a super slim angled brush and finish with mascara, which you can probably see is also dotting my eyeshadow. Having long curly lashes does legitimately have it's downside.

Here's me wondering if I'd benefit from a small eye lift.
Conclusion: where do I sign up?

Since my usual liner look is pretty boring I thought I'd have a little play...

When I think of wings, I think of feathers.. Makes sense right?
Please ignore my un-groomed brows, I simply forgot about them.

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If you have a blog and you'd like to join in just create your own interpretation of the current theme and post your link in the comment section of any CPWM post, we'd love to have you along!

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11 comments on "Come Play With Me - Wing It Out."
  1. Oh, I love your creativity! It is such a stunning work of art, hun. I'm green with envy over your every day liner look, the precision is something that I'd love to master :)

    1. Indie! I have not forgotten that you wanted to see a winged liner 'how to' (a million months ago in a post long since buried!), it is high on my to do list but I need a whole day to get it done properly and July has been horribly busy!! Expect an in depth step-by-step soon, with a little practice you'll be smashing out some slick wings and giving me a run for my money!

    2. No hurry, hun. You've had such a rough time of it, lately. In saying that, I will certainly appreciate your how-to :)

  2. Hon you so make me laugh - your writing style is so GLORIOUSLY DOWN TO EARTH & UNIQUE! Can't get enough of you babe, and the winged eye looks? Ab fab both of them, but the feathered birds eye is a work of art. Sigh... oh to be so talented ♡

    1. Kat you are such a darling! By the time I'd put down my brushes for the second look I was a but 'colour crazy', I had the urge to just rub every colour I owned on my face.. might have to do that one day for shits and giggles.

  3. Love them both :) I would call it Come fly with me edition of Come play with me :)

  4. Hailey, I adore your stunningly beautiful feathered creation! Can you please say what lilac eyeshadow or pigment you've used? I'm looking for an eyeshadow in that sort of lilac that is really pigmented. I am wondering if it is a Yaby Pearl Paint or a Ben Nye eyeshadow.

    1. It's a mixture of two discontinued MAC shades :(

      Ben Nye do have a similar colour called cosmic violet in the Lumiere range, I have the palette in my freelancing kit and the shadows are divine! If you're looking for a really pigmented lilac that has a nice shimmer to it without looking like disco ball that is what I would recommend.

    2. Thank you for confirming what I already know: that I want the Cosmic Violet eyeshadow. I've almost bought some Ben Nye eyeshadows several times, but then I managed to restrain myself. Now I won't be able to!

  5. Dayum gurl that eye artwork is amazing!!