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2014 Project Pan.

31 July 2014
Yup. It's time.

So this time around I've decided to aim big, I'm going for the 50 this time. Deep breath
The girls over at BH have smashed it in this thread and they inspired me to suck it up and go hard.

The Rules
  • Must finish 50 full size (or equivalent) beauty products. 
  • 10 x sachet samples = 1 full size product. 5 x deluxe samples = 1 full size product.
  • Only allowed to make a purchase when I have exhausted my current stash.
  • Products that are thrown out or given away don't count towards my 50.
  • Allowed to purchase special items for Blogoween posts ;)
  • Allowed to take advantage of Priceline Goodie bags or David Jones Sampler Totes because they are my rules and I can. Also I love these types of bags and the thought of them will help keep me going.
  • Not allowed to buy any fucking pointless hair tools. Ie: This.
  • Bonus points for finishing bottles of coloured nail polish and makeup products, I'll treat myself with some expensive macaroons or something... or maybe more makeup. cough
  • Clothing, shoe and accessory shopping are free game!
  • I have some pre-paid subscription boxes coming my way so obviously they won't count as breaking my ban.
  • Items sent to me for review purposes are also acceptable.
The real goal here is to make a dent in my stash...

This is what I consider my biggest issue, these bags are piled in a corner and I have no place to put their contents, my aim is to basically use up enough products to be able to put these items away so they aren't spreading over my floor like a slow growing beauty product fungus.

What you see here is my attempt at 'hiding' what was originally the beginning of the pile you saw just a moment ago, the black bag on top is one of the A/W David Jones Sampler Totes, which contains the contents of both bags that were available along with some full size skin care products, a body shop boxed set and some other random items that I couldn't fit in my normal storage drawers. The red carry case below it is full of unopened body moisturisers, face products and makeup and peeking out from below the chest of drawers on the left is a pink file box that is jam packed full of samples and travel size shit.

This is my main storage drawer, it's fairly deep and as you can see; it's full, this is usually the extent of my stash, which I personally don't think is bad at all but whenever I see that pile of bags from earlier I wonder how the fuck I allowed myself to get so out of control. I have 2 other drawers in this unit, one contains hair care products, which is fairly under control and the other my hair styling tools for easy access, I have considered emptying out the last one and using it as product storage but I don't really want to sweep it under the rug, I want to use shit up!

This is essentially stuff I'm currently using, reviewing or want to use up next, it's often a fucking mess of bottles, jars and all the other shit you can see there but it has since been organised a little better so it's not such an overwhelming mess.

I have one other space that holds beauty products, it's basically a mirrored area that has been built in to my closets, it holds current body products, perfumes, a little lipstick tower and other large items, this area is very under control and has been for quite a while, there are a few small changes I want to make there but none of it is what I would consider 'a problem'.

So my rules are more of a guideline, I find it's easier to follow rules when they are given as a guideline rather than knowing that I must abide or die! Dramatic I know, but you get what I'm saying. I've seen a few limited edition items released this month that I reaaaaaaly wanted to buy but it was fairly easy to say no and keep the money in my wallet instead. So far, so good.

If I can manage to make enough space to get those bags off my floor without doing shifty stuff to hide the problem I will be very pleased with myself and my goal would have been achieved, each empties update will include a little update on my hoarding problem, you can expect the first one tomorrow!

Do you have a beauty product hoarding problem? I think it's pretty typical for beauty bloggers to experience something like this but I'd love to know your thoughts!

Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying. Items marked * were sent to me for trial and consideration, all other products were purchased by myself and I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own and based on my personal experience. Integrity Always..

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8 comments on "2014 Project Pan."
  1. After the BIB prize, I too have a beauty fungus growing in my room. It's not a bad thing but I too really want to be able to fit all my products in one storage space. Good luck on your project pan, for me it was a struggle making it to 25 but you can do it!!

    1. I've already made a decent dent, my empties post that will be up tomorrow is proof of a good effort so far but I still have a long way to go, I've been cleaning out like a crazy woman! ha!

  2. Good luck with your pan project. I hate them, but I had to put a stop to buying so much makeup. Skincare was starting to get out of control, but I had gotten through enough products that I actually NEEDED some things from the 40% off sale at Priceline. Was such a good feeling, as crazy as that sounds, lol. I don't have a problem with hair care and body products. Nail polish is the same story as makeup. I allow a small purchase from time to time, but I have generally been good at just browsing, and walking away empty handed, which is a huge achievement for me, lol.

    1. Thank you! So far I'm enjoying seeing those half empty bottles go in my empty bag but I am starting to get the urge to buy things, I've spotted some meme boxes that I really want to get and DJ's has that little sampler tote available.. At the moment I'm trying to 'sleep on it', I'm mostly torn because I love to blog about the sample bags and the meme boxes wouldn't come in for a few months so I feel like I can justify it. I am pleased to say I skipped the Priceline 40% off sale and have managed to browse Mecca a few times and not actually buy anything, they even had gorgeous limited edition Bobbi Brown palettes that I managed to walk away from.

      I know what you mean when you say it's a good feeling to shop a sale and know that you actually need the products, I want to feel that again it's been such a long time!

  3. This was such a fun read, and as odd as it might sound an inspiring one too! I can completely relate to your situation as I am in the same boat. I am now tempted to dig out my entire collection and take a photo so I can get a better idea of what I'm actually trying to deal with.... only problem is I don't think my camera lens is wide enough! ��

    1. Haha! I had this problem with my main pile, I had to put things on top of others and consolidate bags to fit it all in. It's been a good feeling to see it shrink a little but I have a long way to go, I actually don't think 50 was a big enough number but I know when December rolls around I will be shopping regardless of how big my stash is because I can't resist Christmas and New Year specials but I do think I can make my way through that many products by the end of the year so that will make me feel like I have less of a problem haha.

  4. Great tips and inspiration. My current beauty stashes are threatening to crowd me out of my room. It's so very hard not to buy but I think the "must finish" rule is a great way to get started! I have way too many items I haven't given a real chance yet by finishing. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting Ren :) This post has helped to maintain my no spending quite well, I just come back and read the comments and feel very supported.