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2014 Project Pan.

31 July 2014
Yup. It's time.

So this time around I've decided to aim big, I'm going for the 50 this time. Deep breath

July 2014 Lovers.

30 July 2014
Ahh favourites..

I hate making these posts, I feel bad for all the other stuff I use.

Most of these are making come backs, some are new. Lets look.

Subscription Box - Monstrositea August 2014.

29 July 2014
Yes! It's that time of the month again where a little box is delivered to my house and I get to sip a bunch of new teas all day long while reviewing the contents of the current Monstrositea box. Best day EVER!

Come Play With Me - Wing It Out.

28 July 2014
The newest CPWM theme was chosen by Monique over at Makeup With Monnii. Winged liner and I have a love/hate relationship, because of my eye shape applying winged liner that doesn't look retarded is actually quite difficult and the margin for error is extremely narrow, applied correctly it lifts my eyes and makes them look bigger, applied incorrectly and I look like I have droopy eyes with little black lines poking out the sides.

Eyeliner has made me cry on more than one occasion.

Mecca Cosmetica - Beauty Loop Box Level 1

26 July 2014
Quick update: July, blogging and I just aren't getting along. I'll have a free day and plan to blog my little heart out and then something comes up where I'm running those errands, catching up with this or that person or mum and/or dad need me to drive them all over town. Finally a day comes along where I don't actually have to do something and I'm so people and life drained that I can't even look at the computer, I legitimately just hide in my room and practice deep breathing while watching Big Brother UK and sipping cups of chamomile tea. The next day I'm feeling recharged and ready to go and suddenly there is something that needs to be done again.

I just... Ugh.
Fuck off July.

Indeed Laboratories - Eysilix.

16 July 2014
We are all well aware of Indeed Laboratories and their 'no bull - all business' products, Hydraluron was a smash hit when it hit Australian shores and I figured it was about time to try out some of their other products.

Saturday Sample - Lapurete Okuru Resurrection Night Cream.

12 July 2014
This sample came to me as a bonus item in my last Beautorium order, it also included a sample of the cream cleanser which I've also had the full size of and previously reviewed here.

After using this night cream for a few weeks I decided it needed to be reviewed because it's pricey and it's such a run of the mill product.

Dirty Works - Coconut Scrub & Body Butter.

3 July 2014
Coconut scented things are a weakness for me, the same goes for many fresh, fruity scents but coconut usually has me grabbing jars and tubes off shelves and shoveling them in to my basket regardless of whether I need them or not.

When Dirty Works started popping up on shelves I didn't feel the need to rush and and buy their products but as they started to make the rounds on the beauty blogs I started to develop a little interest, when people started recommending them personally I decided something had to be done.

So I went out and grabbed a bunch of Dirty Works products and the rest is.. Well, this blog post, and possibly another because I've got a couple others to put to the test.

Life's a Beach Coconut Scrub

June 2014 Collective Haul.

1 July 2014
This post is going to look a little small but I did haul a fair bit this month, some of it has already been posted and I'll link that where appropriate, what makes this haul special though is that it's the last one of it's kind that you will be seeing from me for quite a while. July brings with it a big Project Pan for me so hauls will only consist of clothing, shoes and accessories from now until probably the end of the year which is a great thing because it will force me to learn more about fashion posting which is something I've wanted to do for a few months now.