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7 June 2014
My nails have been a bit boring lately and I wanted to try out a bit of nail art so off to Pinterest I went to see what I could recreate.

I took inspiration from two pins.

This Pin originates from Noemihk on Instagram.

This pin originates from

Since I didn't have a bunch of pretty pastel polishes in my collection I went for some nude colours and oh my lordy lord, I love this manicure!

I first applied Peggy Sage Express Nail Hardener as my base coat then 2 coats of Maybelline Stripped Nudes Take It Off, I sealed that with 2 coats of Seche Vite and allowed it to dry completely.

The next part was the most difficult part but I use that term loosely, it's more fiddly than difficult and just requires a little patience. I cut some nail tape in to pieces big enough to fit over my nail and then be peeled off, I laid these down to create a diamond pattern over my nail and painted 1 coat of Mavala Reno over the top before peeling off the tape piece by piece while the polish was still wet. I continued to do this over each nail until I was done with the quilting effect.

I completed the manicure by using Kit Nail Polish in Time Shift and a dotting tool to place little silver dots at the corners where each diamond met the next. To tidy up I used acetone and a short bristled flat brush.

I did apply a top coat to my thumb but I think it smooths the edges of the polish too much and you loose a lot of the quilted effect.

I absolutely adore how this looks, often I feel like a lot of nail art is too time consuming and fiddly to justify the result but occasionally I find a look that I fall in love with and it reminds me that nail art is worth the effort! My photo doesn't quite show how nice this looks, I think it's about time I start brushing up on my photography skills.

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6 comments on "Pinned It!"
  1. OMG wow! Love it! Wanna come and do mine?

    1. Haha! I'm actually thinking about getting some sort of nail qualification in the future so I might be doing a lot of nails!

  2. Wow! Your manicure is beautiful! Now I want to give it a go!

    1. It's worth trying, I did find it fiddly and I had to have some patience but this one was well worth it for me.

  3. What an elegant mani! I'm definitely gonna give this one a go one day! And it looks great with a nude polish :O x Court

  4. Your mani looks fabulous, Hailey. So sophisticated, well done!