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Purewick (Aldi Brand) - Sweet Pea & Gardenia Candle.

27 May 2014
I have become candle obsessed, but not just any candle will do, they need to have an intense scent while burning, if it doesn't I don't want it, the soft flickering light they offer is nice but I can take it or leave it. I have been eyeing off these mini scented candles at Aldi for ages, they smell great in the jar and I figured it was time to try one out.

They retail for about $3.00AUD and are a waste of space (for me). Sorry, not sorry.

They have no scent when burning, you may as well light a tea light candle and be done with it. From what I can tell these are a standard item you will always be able to find at Aldi, I think they also do some limited release scented candles but I wouldn't be treading over shoppers to get at them.

Shortest review in the history of this blog.

Oh, should mention the wax doesn't burn evenly and their burn time is what you would expect from a $3 candle, not surprised as it was a cheap item (and definitely not sorry that I tried it out) but you might prefer to save your three bucks.

Have any favourite budget brand beauty buys?

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5 comments on "Purewick (Aldi Brand) - Sweet Pea & Gardenia Candle."
  1. Yep, I second your review!

  2. What a pity this was a disappointment. Aldi have some great products but I guess this candle wasnt one of them! Have you tried Skittle candles? I think it's about $3 at The Reject Shop and I took a whiff as I passed the candles section and they smell true to the Skittle flavours! I need to pick some up later to test them out. Ive also read that Boe Beauty from Big W have really great matte lip creams for $2!

    1. God I haven't been in to the reject shop in years! Skittle candles sound quite tempting though!! I've seen the Boe Beauty range but not tried anything yet, I'll have a closer look next time I'm in Big W.

  3. Aw that's a shame, kinda happy I haven't tried them then since they seem like a big waste of money!

    1. They are! I'd prefer to fork over the $40 for a nice Glasshouse candle that will last forever.