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Inglot - Duraline.

13 May 2014
Inglot Duraline is one of those products I have had on my 'absolutely-must-buy-right-now-because-it's-completely-essential' list for well over a year and it wasn't until I was at Salon Melbourne and found myself standing in front of their wonderfully colourful stall that I finally made the purchase.

This isn't an expensive product, it's not difficult to find, it doesn't take up a lot of space or require any special knowledge of how to use it, so why it took me so long to purchase it I'll never understand. I'm just odd like that sometimes.

Duraline is a clear mixing medium that essentially makes all of your cosmetics long wearing, it comes in a tiny little bottle with a dropper applicator and it's uses are only limited by your imagination. The traditional use for Duraline is to mix it with loose pigments and shadow to create a liquid liner but I use it for a lot more...

Loose Shadow and Pigments - Mixing with loose shadow or pigments essentially turns them in to a liquid liner. Why buy 20 coloured liquid liners that are going to dry up when one product can make any colour you like from your collection of shadows. This can also be used as a mascara, just use a small fan brush or mascara wand dipped in to the mixture and apply as usual.

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Gel Liner - Often pots of gel liner will dry up before their use by date, this really pisses me off because I like to buy quality gel liners. All you need to do is add a drop to your pot when you are ready to use the liner and activate by gently incorporating the gel and Duraline, when you have a nice consistency it's ready to use. This needs to be done each time you use the liner, no point squeezing a whole bunch of product in because it will set and need to be reactivated anyway.

Foundation and Concealer - Mixing a few drops in to your foundation or less than a drop in to your concealer will give it a super long lasting effect, great for those foundations that just won't stay put. When using with concealer; mix the products together and dab where you want it, tap it out with your finger and repeat until the desired coverage is achieved. Great for those spots that break down product really quickly, you'll get a bit of extra wear out of your concealing product.

Lipstick - Mixing a drop with your lipstick will make those not so long lasting colours in your collection stay on your lips a little longer.

When mixing Duraline with a product always dispense the product on to a mixing palette and then add a drop of Duraline, adding it directly to the product, especially loose pigments, will ruin them. If you want to mix with a pressed shadow you'll have to scrape a little product from the pan, NEVER add Duraline directly to it.

The Duraline will thin out any liquid or cream products (lipsticks, foundations, concealers) making their pigment a little softer initially, as it sets and thickens the pigment will return to it's usual vibrancy, you will easily be able to layer the product to build your desired look in the early stages or you can allow it to set slightly before applying.

If your desired mixture dries up before you are able to finish your application just add another drop of Duraline, mix and continue with application.

When removing a product that has been mixed with Duraline you would just treat it like any long wearing or waterproof product.

  • Makes product long wearing.
  • Makes any powder product a liquid.
  • Great for dried up gel liners.

  • I can't think of anything I don't like.

Awesome little product to own, if you like to experiment with colour and products without the added cost of buying multiple new products then this one is for you!

Inglot Duraline can be purchased at any brick and mortar Inglot store or from their online shop for $19.00AUD.

Have you tried Duraline?

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8 comments on "Inglot - Duraline."
  1. Thanks for the great review, Hailey. I so need this in my collection, what a handy product!

    1. It's a fantastic little miracle bottle that won't break the budget!

  2. You've sold me on this, does it work with glitters?

    1. No, it doesn't hold glitters well unfortunately. It will help them to stick to the skin a little but once it sets the glitter can easily fall all over your face, the Duraline isn't sticky or tacky so it doesn't have the grip that glitters need. I'll see what I can come up with for a glitter adhesive, I don't use them often so I've never purchased one for my kit but I've heard of a few that are highly recommended.

  3. You've sold me too Hailey - I shall run not walk to my nearest Inglot store ha ha!

    1. Definitely worth having for you Kat as I know how you like to experiment!

  4. I have never heard of this before - do you think it's better than some of the setting sprays/powders that are on the market at the moment?

    1. It would really depend.. A setting powder or spray offers you the opportunity to change the finish of the foundation (from dewy to matte, etc, etc) whereas this product won't change the finish, I wouldn't throw away all setting sprays or powders but I really think this is worth having in your collection for such a small price.