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Couleur Caramel - Dark Circle Concealer.

7 May 2014
I have been procrastinating when it comes to this post for so long and I was quite close to not posting it at all, this is a much loved product and I don't have a lot of good stuff to say about it.

This was another item sent to me in my BiB prize pack (are you sick of seeing these reviews yet?) and I was really excited for this product, it was actually one of the first items that I used and I have continued to try to use it so I could understand why everyone is so in love with this product. But I just can't anymore.

The Couleur Caramel Dark Circle Concealer not only conceals but also offers some colour correction which is handy for people like me who have dark circles that just won't quit.

The recommended way to use this is to apply over foundation with a flat brush.

I have used it under foundation, over foundation, with and without primer, I've tried different moisturisers and I've tried every application method I can think of and every single time this product looks revolting on my skin. It doesn't matter if I set it or not, either way it won't stay where it needs to be.

The product on it's own looks awesome, it's housed in this cute cardboard pot which I really enjoy, the packaging sets the brand apart from all the rest and I really love that. The consistency of the concealer is gorgeously creamy, it melts under the heat of your fingertips and offers fantastic pigmentation and great staying power once the product has set, seriously, this stuff is borderline waterproof.

But here is why I just can't use the product: When it sets on my skin it looks crepey and dry, eventually settles in to my fine lines and it is clear as day that the product is sitting there on the skin, it never blends nicely with other products and looks like I'm wearing bad makeup and applied it like an idiot.

Although it photographs fairly well you can see that it's not being very kind on the fine lines that are starting to develop around my eyes and in person it looks really bad. When your mum who is half blind without her glasses tells you that the makeup under your eyes looks yuck you know you have a problem.

Everything about this product makes me feel like it would be wonderful until the second it touches my skin and then it's struggle town all the way until I give up and wash my makeup off to start over.

Seriously I have no idea how this won a Best in Beauty award.

  • Good coverage.
  • Beautiful consistency.

  • I can't make it work for me.
  • Leaves my skin looking dry, wrinkly and enhances all the bad stuff I have going on.

I'm sad that I couldn't make this product work for me, I wanted to love it and expected it to be great but my face and this product are just not destined to be friends. I have to give props to the company for going the natural route but for me the way the product performs is more important.

Have you used this product? Let me know what you thought of it.

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3 comments on "Couleur Caramel - Dark Circle Concealer."
  1. Wow you're right, I can even see it from the photos that it looks quite dry, cakey and just sitting on your skin. It reminds me of my michael todd concealer, complete fail.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  2. I have this concealer in shades 07 and 12. I love the shade 07 and how blendable it is, but the 12 is harder to work with (the shade you've got here!). It's a shame, as shade 12 is a better colour match for me during these colder months.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Sam, makes me think it probably relates to an ingredient used for the pigment.