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May 2014 Lovers

31 May 2014
I give up trying to work out a way to be consistent with my monthly favourites.

I don't know how other bloggers do it, I get a pile of the things I really really love together and then I feel bad for leaving out the old favourites so I bundle them up too and then I'm have a shit fight trying to photograph everything and then I just want to cry.

I'm this guy

Subscription Box - Monstrositea June 2014

28 May 2014
My Monstrositea box arrived without me even realising this month, one minute it wasn't on my bed and the next it was.


Purewick (Aldi Brand) - Sweet Pea & Gardenia Candle.

27 May 2014
I have become candle obsessed, but not just any candle will do, they need to have an intense scent while burning, if it doesn't I don't want it, the soft flickering light they offer is nice but I can take it or leave it. I have been eyeing off these mini scented candles at Aldi for ages, they smell great in the jar and I figured it was time to try one out.

Double Cleansing.

23 May 2014
I'm not an Aesthetician. I wish I was, while makeup is my first love skin care follows closely behind, everything I know about the skins inner workings is self taught. Now we are clear.

When I apply makeup to women (and sometimes even men) I get asked a LOT of questions about skin and it's not limited to the skin on the face, I've been asked to look at rashes, bumps, lumps and spots on all sorts of areas on the body, but those are stories for another time. I think this stems from a level of trust that is developed when I discuss with my clients the removal of their makeup because after I apply; I educate on removal.

La Roche-Posay - Effaclar Duo*

22 May 2014
This product was sent to me by La Roche-Posay last year to trial and I have really struggled to understand what the fuck it was meant to do for me. Initially I used it as a spot treatment, just dabbing it on the offending puss demon trying to make a home in my face, this worked quite well initially but I knew this wasn't really the right way to use it.

Deep Heat - Odourless Heat Patch*

21 May 2014
Recently I was contacted in regards to trialing some Deep Heat Odourless Heat Patches* and if you have been a reader of my blog for some time you will know how I feel about adhesive heat patches, I think they are nothing short of ingenious and I really enjoy using them during Shark Week because I dislike pain and actually find it quite difficult to put up with.

Come Play With Me - Vamp It Up!

17 May 2014
I passed the baton to Indie for our next CPWM theme and she chose to Vamp It Up!!

Formula 10.0.6 - Overnight Success Spot Minimizing Patches.

15 May 2014
I recieved these a lifetime ago in a Priceline goody bag, they were often pulled out of my stash and looked at when I was searching for something to replace an empty but they always went back in the drawer because at the time they weren't what I needed.

SAX - Naked Eyes Palette.

14 May 2014
I managed to score the SAX Naked Eyes Palette during Beauty Heaven's most recent Beautorium and I think it's needless to say I was pretty excited to receive it.

Inglot - Duraline.

13 May 2014
Inglot Duraline is one of those products I have had on my 'absolutely-must-buy-right-now-because-it's-completely-essential' list for well over a year and it wasn't until I was at Salon Melbourne and found myself standing in front of their wonderfully colourful stall that I finally made the purchase.

Revlon - Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish.

12 May 2014
Scented nail polish isn't a new thing, it's been around since around the 9th century except they used highly pigmented oils that were scented, they would be buffed in to the nail to tint it and stop their hands from stinking to high heaven.

Haul - Beautorium.

10 May 2014
That time has come again! Every couple of months Beauty Heaven host their fantastic Beautorium event and since participating for the first time late last year I have become hooked!

Couleur Caramel - Dark Circle Concealer.

7 May 2014
I have been procrastinating when it comes to this post for so long and I was quite close to not posting it at all, this is a much loved product and I don't have a lot of good stuff to say about it.

Revlon - GWP @ Myer.

6 May 2014
I love me a good GWP. While shopping at Myer Melbourne mum drew my attention to a gift with purchase that Revlon was running, spending $39.95 or more would qualify you for a nice little 6 piece gift set.

Tangle Teezer - Compact Styler, Invisibobble & Giveaway.

2 May 2014
While I was at Salon Melbourne this year I visited the Tangle Teezer booth, I knew I wanted the Compact Styler but it turns out I could get the Aqua Splash for an extra $5.00 so I kind of figured I may as well grab that, I'd also seen the Invisibobble reviewed online and wanted to put it to the test so I threw my money at them and did just that.

April 2014 Collective Haul.

1 May 2014
Once again, I bought shit this month, this is really no suprise though. I didn't spend a whole lot of money but I don't think that's the point..