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SPFX - Bunny!

17 April 2014
So you guys seemed to enjoy my debut SPFX look, I was hesitant about the gore and kept the bloody bits to a minimum because I know it can make people queasy but you welcomed it with open arms and asked for more. I've opted for something much more stomach friendly this time for those who don't like blood regardless of it being fake or real, since Easter looms in the near future I figured I'd be a bunny for a little while.

Tools in order of application

  • Bostik Blue Glue Stick
  • Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax
  • KY Lubricant
  • Ben Nye Liquid Latex
  • Ben Nye Neutral Set
  • Ben Nye Colour Correction Wheel
  • Ben Nye Spirit Gum
  • Temptu SB Airbrush Foundations in 01 & 02
  • Black, Pink and Nude Eye Pencils
  • Palette knife, old brow and lash comb, a big fluffy brush and a set of lashes (not shown)

  • Foam Latex Rabbit Nose Prosthetic
  • Flocking in colour of your choice, I chose white and two shades of nude.

It's worth noting that you can't breathe through these prosthetics so if you have an issue with claustrophobia they should be avoided.

They are otherwise fairly comfortable to wear and if you only glue the edges to the face you will be able to push air out through your nose and make it look like it's twitching, so cute!

This is flocking and it's typically used for model cars and the like. I can't recommend strongly enough that you avoid using this on your face, it's fucking shit to work with and super frustrating, when you add to that difficulty breathing and inhaling puffs of this constantly (which I think is actually quite unsafe) you end up with a pretty shitty experience but it does create a cool effect. Catch 22 for me.

I put my flocking in to a little bowl and mixed up the colours, when you are laying hair on the face it's best to use a combination of similar colours as it gives a more realistic appearance, although there are pure white bunnies and that was the colour I was leaning towards I also knew that my skin would likely be trying to peek through the flocking and having a few neutral skin tones mixed in would help to make it all blend a little better.

I'm not going to explain every single step of the process, I'm just going to give you guys a quick run down of how I went about getting the look because I don't want to be here all night, also I didn't take any application pictures (apart from one mid way through the look), reason being was the foam appliance stuck on my face, I'm not one to suffer from claustrophobia but when my breathing is limited I find I'm able to get frustrated really damn quickly, the same thing happens when I have a cold and my nose gets all stuffed up, it's just one of those things that annoys me more than it should, so I opted to just get it done and take photos of the finished product. If there is any extra detail you want to know or you have questions about something feel free to post them in the comments section and I'll fill you in.

Step one was prepping my skin, after washing my face I went heavy with the rosehip oil and face moisturiser, since I knew I wouldn't have this on for long these products were ok to use and would make removal much easier, I let my face get some goodness out of those products while I prepped my work space and tools.

Next up was a brow block, I just used a glue stick for this, again because I wanted removal to be easy, after colour correcting them slightly I stuck on the foam latex appliance with spirit gum and went about blending the edges and applying the first layer of latex to my face, after setting it all heavily with the neutral set I applied a second layer of latex to my whole face, allowed it to dry and set it again with the powder. I opted to apply the latex to make removal easier but it's not necessary. I coloured in the nose with a pink lip & eye pencil before moving on.

This was the point where I was ready to apply the flocking, I applied a thin layer of spirit gum to my whole face, let it get tacky and then started packing the flocking on, this is where I started to feel stressed. Flocking is super fine fibers that fly around everywhere and are super easy to inhale, I didn't want to inhale them because I know this is probably detrimental to my health but I found it difficult to avoid. Glory now, pay later.

After applying the flocking I went over my face with the airbrush foundation, a 1:1 mixture of colours 01&02, once I had done this I quickly lined my eyes with a black liner, applied lashes that were too long for my eyes, allowing them to dip down past my natural eye shape. I then filled my lower lip with the nude and pink eye pencils and voila!

My biggest problem area was around my mouth, with all the breath holding and huffing and puffing there was a lot of movement going on and the flocking started to come away from the mouth, by this point I didn't give a shit though.

Yup, I'm a bunny with pink hair. No fucks were given!

Close up to show you how the flocking looks, avoid getting it in your eyes!

And removal! I am so glad I lost my patience and didn't take it right down my neck, I forgot how painful it is peeling liquid latex from the skin. Around my mouth and forehead were fine, it just peels away but on the neck and sides of the face hurts like a bitch, I was in the bathroom swearing like a drunken sailor for 10 minutes while trying to pry it away from my face.

What are your plans for Easter??

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6 comments on "SPFX - Bunny!"
  1. Oh, this looks awesome! You make a cute bunny, too ;)

    1. haha thank you Indie, I'll admit it was very unfinished but having that piece over my nose was a little uncomfortable, next time I might try face paint :P

  2. Oh lordy this is amazing! Can't believe how much you suffer for your art hon - absolutely flocking fabulous ha ha! Umm I HAVE to ask - what did you use the KY Lubricant for? My mind is boggling xxx

    1. HAHAHAHA! Nice quip!! The lube is used to smooth down the nose and scar wax after it's been applied, it likes to stick to skin so applying a little KY to your fingers prevents it from being smeared everywhere when you smooth out the bumps. I've had some funny looks when I pull out the lube while doing spfx on someone hahaha.

  3. Wow that looks really interesting haha! (A compliment, I promise!) Great job though, amazing commitment! xx