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Palmer's - Daily Calming Facial Lotion.

22 April 2014
I'm not exactly sure how I ended up with this product, I don't buy any Palmer's stuff because their body lotions give me this weird, scaly lizard skin rash. I suspect it came in a GWP kind of thing, most likely one of the Priceline goody bags. Anyway I was looking for a light lotion a while ago and found nothing in my stash except for this. I'll be honest I didn't want to use it, I was a little worried about breaking out in the lizard rash on my face but it said it contains Chamomile and Aloe so I figured I should give it a go. Turns out it doesn't give me the lizard rash!!

Not only does this not give me the lizard rash but it also does nothing else. Except stink to high heaven.

This product claims:
"This light, fast absorbing lotion is specifically designed for sensitive or redness-prone skin. A special blend of ingredients reduces the appearance of redness, calms and soothes sensitive skin, and leaves skin lightly hydrated..."

Personally I think this is a cream/balm hybrid, I don't think the viscosity is thin enough to be considered a lotion and while it does absorb fairly quickly it leaves a bit of a moisture barrier that is typical of balm type products, anyway that's not the point, the point is the god damn smell.

You know when you go to nanna's place and you open a cupboard that contains all of her Tupperware from the 50's and it has that dank, old, musty plastic smell? That's what this smells like.

It's not a bad moisturiser, it's very light and it claims to have protective barrier properties via Multi Lamellar Emulsion which I would be inclined to believe because it does feel like it's locking in the good stuff all day long. I also believe it's nice on sensitive skin and it could possibly help with redness with extended use but that bloody smell is heinous and I can barely bring myself to use it occasionally let alone twice a day.

This product contains 40 ingredients and I can only assume that the old manky plastic scent is a combination of all the crap that they have shoved in there, I can understand that fragrance was left out since it's aimed at people with sensitive skin but how many fragrance free products exist that don't smell like shit? The answer is many.

  • Fairly lightweight.
  • The MLE leaves the skin feeling really soft after it has set and locks in moisture.

  • Reeks.

I'm pleased that I've found a Palmer's product that doesn't turn me in to the Lizard Queen but it hasn't converted me in the way of having new found love for their products, in fact I think I dislike them even more. The ones that smell good give me a heinous rash and the ones that don't give me a rash smell heinous. There is one last product that may possibly be their saving grace, the coconut body wash but that stuff is like a ninja in hiding, I can't find it anywhere!

Do you know the secret to finding the Palmer's Coconut Body Wash?

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2 comments on "Palmer's - Daily Calming Facial Lotion."
  1. Oh what! I expect all palmer's products to smell like cocoa butter! The scent is a real shame. I did really like their body lotions though.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. It definitely doesn't smell like cocoa butter!!! I adore the scent of their body lotions but they give me that horrible rash.