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Kerastase - Resistance Fibre Architecte.

21 April 2014
This product was recommended to me by a hairdresser in my early days of bleaching, I specifically wanted something that would help it's appearance, I needed something that would make my hair look smoother and just generally not as chemically fucked up as I knew it would be. I didn't really fall in love with it which is strange for me when it comes to Kerastase products, I haven't used a wide variety of the range but what I have used has been game changing and legitimately turned my hair life around so I did have high expectations for this stuff.

The packaging doesn't even say what it's meant to do and it comes with no information leaflet, I was told it would help smooth split ends and help the hair to appear healthier.

I used as directed by the hairdresser, apply to dry hair as often as necessary and I really hate to say it but this stuff didn't impress me. I found that I didn't really get any effect at all, it would look like I had applied a hair oil to my hair and once it absorbed I was left with the same stressed tresses as before I applied it.

The packaging is a little tedious, it seems to be two tubes held within a plastic bottle and to dispense the product you push down the long pump lid, you can clearly see two seperate liquids come out of each tube, one is clear and the other has a slight green tint. I found that I had to use three fingers to pump the lid properly, otherwise it would wobble around a bit and I'd get more green liquid than clear or vise versa. The consistency is like a serum.

Another thing that disapointed me was the fact that I didn't get much use out of this at all, I would have expected it to last me a couple months of daily use especially considering the price tag and this is generally the time frame other leave in Kerastase products last me. Since you can't see how much product is left in the bottle I had no idea that it was empty when I last went to use it, and therfore was unable to take a photo of the actual product


  • I really can't think of any..


  • Did nothing for me unfortunately.
  • Only contains 30ml of product which doesn't go far for someone with long hair.
  • It's bloody expensive, I paid $49.50.

I won't be buying it again, I'm sure I'll be making another Kerastase shopping trip some time soon but if this product is recommended to me again I will be saying a stern NO when it comes to making a purchase. I will happily pay Kerastase prices because their products are usually great but this one won't be getting another look in.

What is your favourite Kerastase product? 

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2 comments on "Kerastase - Resistance Fibre Architecte."
  1. Whoa how disappointing hon - it looks so high tech and groovy too :-( From memory I've only tried the Elixir Ultime oil - I was really impressed, but I've scored a few others from different brands so I haven't repurchased it, although I think it's the best one of the lot :-)

  2. Shame that it's a bit of a dud! They do have some great products though maybe just missed the mark with this one.