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Clinique - Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector.

26 April 2014
This is another product that came to me as part of my BIB prize pack (yup, there were a lot) and I can't tell you how excited I was to try this. After using the Clinique All About Eyes cream I was really keen to see how this product was 'Even Better'.

The product claims: "Visibly brightens dark circles to create a more even-toned look. Hydrates. Cooling massage tip."
The information sheet states: "Brightens dark circles with sheer optics that capture light to create a natural look for all skin tones. Over time, repair ingredients help lighten the appearance of dark undereye circles for a more awake, rested look."

When I opened the product I was excited about the applicator, it's kind of doe foot-esque, being metal it is supposed to offer a cooling effect on the eye, I've actually use a few products that had a cooling applicator, some are great and some are crap, this one falls in to the crap department. The idea is to place the applicator on the eye and squeeze out the product, this lubricates the applicator and is supposed to make application smooth and easy. The problem that I have with this is that the amount of product needed to actually make the applicator move over the eye smoothly is way more than is needed for the eye area, you end up with excess product that you have to try to rub in with your finger or wipe away and waste. Considering that the tube holds a pathetic 10 ml of product for a whopping $50.00AUD you can probably see why wasting product isn't something I want to do. The applicator it's self is cooling but only for about 10 seconds before it heats up from being in contact with your skin and the the rest of the application process is done with a 'body temperature applicator'. *Rolls eyes*

The consistency of the cream is really nice, it's light yet hydrating and when it sets it leaves the eye area feeling so beautifully soft. The rest of the product features will be typed out with one brow raised and the occasional scoff.

The cream is the colour of foundation or concealer for the average Caucasian woman, it does deposit colour but it's extremely sheer, kind of like a tinted moisturiser for the eyes, it also contains tiny little bits of shimmer, these reflect light and when you wear the product alone and go outside in full sun it does have some nice light reflecting abilities, but once you put makeup over it it does more nothing rather than something.

Product blended in.
While the product is hydrating it hasn't done anything to lighten the dark circles under my eyes. Also if you have issues with puffiness this won't be of any assistance to you.

I also find that when I wear this my eye shadow really struggles to make it through the day and within a few hours it's creased and looks pretty manky, it doesn't matter what I do to prevent this, If I have it on the upper half of my eyes then I'm guaranteed to have shitty eye shadow that day. Since my brow bone protrudes a little more than I'd like I have shadows cast over my eyes, this makes them look dark and tired so using this stuff on the upper half of my eye can add a little light to the area when I'm outside, and this helps a lot when I'm wearing my typical 'no makeup' makeup, it's catch 22 deciding between dark and tired eyes or shitty eye shadow.

  • Offers light reflection when worn alone.
  • Hydrating and leaves the skin around the eye feeling wonderfully soft.

  • Applicator promotes excessive product usage.
  • Stupidly expensive for what it is and how much product you get.
  • A bit of a nothing product.
  • Ruins my damn eye shadow!

I'm so glad I didn't pay for this, I actually intended on buying it and had I spent that much money on this product I would have been pissed! Recently Clinique skin care products have been such a disappointment to me, I have a few more to try out so hopefully there will be redemption in the future but when it comes to buying Clinique products I'll be sticking to their makeup only.

Have you tried the Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector? Let me know what you thought of it.

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2 comments on "Clinique - Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector."
  1. Ah that sucks, I'm glad you didn't pay for it either!!! I saw this product last time I had a look around the clinique counter. I got turned off random pseudo-under eye concealer products ever since I tried that awful garnier under eye roll on.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. I never tried that Garnier roll on, glad I gave it a miss haha!