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Bomb Cosmetics - Mandarin & Orange Cleansing Shower Butter.

11 April 2014
The first time I came across Bomb Cosmetics products I had no idea what I was buying, they were just pretty and they smelled nice. I was here:

This is Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, Ireland, I took that photo myself and I'm bloody proud of it, although the praise shouldn't go to me, I have no photography experience, my camera was a cheap, crappy old thing I had bought years and years prior for a trip to Bali. The reason the photo is so beautiful is because Kylemore Abbey is a sight to behold, it is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed with my own eyes, even with rain, an overcast sky and poor lighting this building projects such a perfect image and it shows even in crappy photos.

While I was there I perused the gift shop with dads money (that's fair right!?!) and I spotted a display of bath bombs, I picked out 4 each for myself, mum and my sister, I figured if I was going to be waking them up at 2 am when I finally arrived home I best come with some gifts!

I never used my bath bombs, I still have them, I had no idea what brand they were or just how nice they would be. When my BiB prize arrived and I pulled out the Bomb Cosmetics Mandarin & Orange Cleansing Shower Butter I was both confused and excited, it felt so firm and I was wondering how it could be a cleansing product and how the hell I would use it, I admit I wasn't confident in this product but I was clearly an idiot. A week after having this in my shower I spotted my little bag of bath bombs propped up on my bench.. It read 'Bomb Cosmetics' I squealed with joy but I still can't bring myself to use them. Memories light the corners of my mind.

When I first used this product my doubt and confusion was replaced with excitement at the novelty of a shower butter, it's kind of like a soft soap, you get to dip your fingers in the generously sized tub and scoop out the product, you probably know I'm not really a fan of jar and tub packaging but for this product it's so fitting.

The butter foams up nicely without being an out of control bubblefest and unlike soap it doesn't dry out the skin or leave it feeling stripped and whether used on it's own or mushed on to an exfoliating mitt my skin always feels perfectly clean and soft.

Another thing I'm not usually a fan of is citrus scents but with this product it just works so well, you can smell that it's real, the scent isn't some crappy synthetic scent, it's legit mandarin and orange peel oil, it reminds me of summer picnics in the park and snacking on healthy treats mum could portion off and hand to me as a small child.

  • Foams nicely and feels luxurious.
  • Not drying on the skin.
  • A lot longer lasting than your typical shower gels.
  • Smells so amazingly delicious, people might want to lick you. You've been warned.

  • Some people may mot like the packaging but I honestly can't see how a product like this would be packaged otherwise. For me this is not a con, I really like scooping this out of the tub.

Get Drenched stock this in 6 scents and I want to try them all, I love the concept of this, the way it makes me feel, the novelty value and the way it performs, it's a fantastic product and has opened my eyes to a world of shower possibilities

Bomb Cosmetics Cleansing Shower Butters retail for $18.95 each at

What is your all time favourite Bomb Cosmetics product?

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