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Avon - Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream.*

19 April 2014
Back in December I made a Beauty Heaven Beautorium order and the wonderful team at BH and Avon included a full size jar of the Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream*, which at the time was yet to be released, I was really excited to have the opportunity to try a product that was so new it wasn't even being sold yet and by a brand that I quite like.

The product claims:
"Powered by Avon's exclusive SmartRepair Complex and advanced anti-oxidants, this comforting cream is formulated to supercharge repair the appearance of skin damage that can be caused by environmental factors. Repairs the look of up to 8 years of past age damage as it diminishes the look of sun spots your skin has had for years. It even visible repairs the look of wrinkles you once thought couldn't be improved."

Ok, first. Jar + Anti-oxidants = Useless. They start to break down as soon as you open the jar and continue to do so until they are no longer effective. Making this just a night moisturiser, light but quite good at hydrating. The consistency is a really nice, smooth, cream, it's unscented but has a really light (bordering on unnoticeable), fresh plant scent from the seed and leaf extracts it contains. It kind of reminds me of the way Clinique products smell.

When I first started using this I quite liked it, I didn't believe the claims on the box because I knew the packaging wouldn't keep the ingredients stable long enough for me to see if it would actually work but I knew it would make a good moisturiser.

I had no issues with the product until somewhere in week 2 of use, I applied the cream, avoiding my eyes as I always do and moments after I'd moved away from the mirror I started getting a burning sensation in my eyes and they watered non stop until I washed my face again. I had no idea what caused the issue but I opted to use a different eye cream because that seemed the most likely culprite but after applying the Avon moisturiser, again avoiding my eyes completely, they again started to burn and water. Over the next week I changed up my routine nightly just to make sure I wasn't wrong about this cream but each time I applied it I had the same reaction.

I have no idea exactly what ingredient is causing this but I can only assume that it is some sort of fumes coming off the product that is irritating my eyes, when I apply the cream the closest it comes to my eyes is when I smooth it over my nose, forehead and temples, it's applied quite low on my cheeks because my eye cream takes care of the upper part due to dark circls and puffiness. The cream doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest, just my eyes, it's as though I walked in to a puff of smoke from a cigarette, they burn and water excessively and all I want to do is squeeze my eyes close and rub them until the pain stops.

It's a shame really, up until the eye burning issue I quite enjoyed the cream and was glad to have another night cream that would dull the urge to buy more. I'm actually really surprised that I developed this reaction to this specific product, I don't consider myself to have sensitive eyes, I've had an issue with eye burning maybe a hand full of times in my life and all except this case date back to my younger days when I would just smear my moisturiser all over my face and not worry about avoiding the eye area so I don't know exactly what ingredient is causing this issue for me.

The packaging is visually appealing, I really like the colour scheme and the fact that the jar is glass but it's crap at protecting the ingredients inside and it should be in a tube or pump bottle.

The texture of the cream is really nice, it has a medium consistency, absorbs fairly quickly but also leaves that tell tale night cream hydration layer on the skin, it's not uncomfortable or greasy, feels soft to the touch and doesn't look overly shiny, it's something a night cream with good hydrating properties will offer.

  • Hydrating.

  • It burns my eyeballs.
  • The packaging.

Obviously I won't be buying this again, I wasn't even going to review it but I figured people like to know about the good and the bad, often when I have a problem with a product I like to google it too and see if people have experienced the same thing so I thought it was a good idea to put it out there. Burning eye girls you are not alone.

Have you tried this product too? Let me know your thoughts!

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4 comments on "Avon - Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream.*"
  1. my mum had dibs on this product as soon as my dec beautorium package arrived. she loves the texture and hydration. I'm not sure if she's applying the product close to her eyes and if it's causing her any irritations but I'll ask her next time.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  2. I really liked this cream because it was moisturising but had the exact same eye-burning sensation as you on my 2nd-3rd tries. I just keep it as far away from my eyes as possible now, it's so weird. I didn't think there'd be any weird reactions because it's not scented haha!

  3. Yep, me too! Love the hydration this cream gives, but get the burning, watery eyes, too. I thought it was because I had applied too close to my eyes. The next application, I did not go near my eye area, but still had sensitivity, not burning, but enough to make my eyes water :(

  4. Crikey, I'm almost glad I didn't join in this particular beautorium - sort of takes the "no pain no gain" theory a little too far... Thanks for the review Hailey, I won't get involved with this - I have enough trouble with my eyes watering on any given day just when the wind blows lol...