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Empty! April 2014

30 April 2014
You know what time it is?
Trash time!

April 2014 Lovers.

29 April 2014
I'm still struggling to find a layout that I like for these favourite posts, a lot of the things that I've shown in previous months still stand as favourites and some I no longer like so much but I don't know how to keep you guys up to date without showing you the same shit every week, I always have something new to throw in to the mix so I'd like to keep these as monthly posts but I just can't get my head around a way of keeping you updated on what is still awesome, what now sucks and what's new and rocking this little world of mine. Suggestions?

Clinique - Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector.

26 April 2014
This is another product that came to me as part of my BIB prize pack (yup, there were a lot) and I can't tell you how excited I was to try this. After using the Clinique All About Eyes cream I was really keen to see how this product was 'Even Better'.

Subscription Box - Monstrositea

25 April 2014
Last month the lovely Sarah over at More Than Adored hosted a contest thanks to Monstrositea and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. I was pretty stoked about this because I am a tea fiend!

Neutrogena - Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub.

24 April 2014
So I was coming up to a time when I was feeling like I needed a new face scrub in my life because I like to keep one on the sink and one in the shower, my sink scrub (Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant) is a powder and definitely not going to be safe in the shower so there was no option of just moving that from place to place. When I saw Instyle magazine had the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub as a bonus GWP I was pretty pleased with myself, had I been able to see the future I would have walked away and bought something else, you see the magazine kept me amused for about 3 minutes which was how long it took me to flip from front to back cover and the scrub is the shittiest tube of pathetic excuse for a scrub that I have ever experienced.

Come Play With Me - Bright & Bold.

23 April 2014
Happy Dance

I got to choose the Come Play With Me theme this week and I was itching for an excuse to play with my new Lime Crime goodies that I picked up at Salon Melbourne so I chose to go Bright & Bold!

I created a completely unwearable look just because.

Palmer's - Daily Calming Facial Lotion.

22 April 2014
I'm not exactly sure how I ended up with this product, I don't buy any Palmer's stuff because their body lotions give me this weird, scaly lizard skin rash. I suspect it came in a GWP kind of thing, most likely one of the Priceline goody bags. Anyway I was looking for a light lotion a while ago and found nothing in my stash except for this. I'll be honest I didn't want to use it, I was a little worried about breaking out in the lizard rash on my face but it said it contains Chamomile and Aloe so I figured I should give it a go. Turns out it doesn't give me the lizard rash!!

Kerastase - Resistance Fibre Architecte.

21 April 2014
This product was recommended to me by a hairdresser in my early days of bleaching, I specifically wanted something that would help it's appearance, I needed something that would make my hair look smoother and just generally not as chemically fucked up as I knew it would be. I didn't really fall in love with it which is strange for me when it comes to Kerastase products, I haven't used a wide variety of the range but what I have used has been game changing and legitimately turned my hair life around so I did have high expectations for this stuff.

Avon - Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream.*

19 April 2014
Back in December I made a Beauty Heaven Beautorium order and the wonderful team at BH and Avon included a full size jar of the Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream*, which at the time was yet to be released, I was really excited to have the opportunity to try a product that was so new it wasn't even being sold yet and by a brand that I quite like.

Maybelline - Stripped Nudes.

18 April 2014
When I saw the little display of the new Maybelline Stripped Nudes collection in Chemist Warehouse I nearly peed my pants. I love nudes, they are so easy to wear and will suit anyone when the right tones are used.

SPFX - Bunny!

17 April 2014
So you guys seemed to enjoy my debut SPFX look, I was hesitant about the gore and kept the bloody bits to a minimum because I know it can make people queasy but you welcomed it with open arms and asked for more. I've opted for something much more stomach friendly this time for those who don't like blood regardless of it being fake or real, since Easter looms in the near future I figured I'd be a bunny for a little while.

The Beauty Blogger Tag.

16 April 2014
I was tagged by Candice of Candyfairy Blogs and I'm keen to give this one a go and let you guys lean a little more about me.

Easter Nails.

15 April 2014
This year I was hoping to paint some cute little bunnies on my nails but I was reminded that when I put nail art brushes in my hands I turn full spaz and can only put blobs of colour in places that I don't want so I gave up on that and looked for ideas elsewhere.

Muk - Intense Muk Repair Treatment.

14 April 2014
When I go to my local salon supplies store and ask for product recommendations for my hair the first question I receive is "Can I touch your hair?", my answer is always yes because I know they are trying to work out just how damaged my hair is. There is a problem with this though.. I know how to fool people in to thinking it looks and feels healthy so when they touch it I usually hear mumbles of "it feels pretty good" or "it's not so bad" before they wander off to show me a product.

Pinned It - (Kinda) Nailed It

12 April 2014
Time for another Pinterest re-creation! I picked a pretty eye look this time, unfortunately I can't embed the pin so if you want to see the original you can click here.

Bomb Cosmetics - Mandarin & Orange Cleansing Shower Butter.

11 April 2014
The first time I came across Bomb Cosmetics products I had no idea what I was buying, they were just pretty and they smelled nice. I was here:

Covergirl - Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation.

8 April 2014
After seeing so many rave reviews about the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation I decided I had to try it, I feel like I've become a bit of a foundation snob over the years, I tried so many bad middle of the road foundations (drug store for anyone wondering what I'm talking about but I refuse to use that word any more because it makes me picture people going in for methadone treatment) that just looked rubbish on the skin but it dawned on me that I would be spending a damn lot of money each year if I only reviewed high-end foundations so I had to get of my prissy little pedestal and start finding the awesome little gems hiding in Priceline.

Organix - Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Extra Penetrating.

7 April 2014
Ok. First.
That name.
Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Extra Penetrating
Extra Penetrating
Excuse me a moment while I get the laughter out of my system, I'm having one of those days.

Maybelline - Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer.

5 April 2014
I've seen rave reviews for the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer and the first thing I have to say is: Calm down, these bloody long names are getting out of hand and it's so unnecessary! Also the name of this one has a bit of an Engrish thing going on which grind my gears.

Come Play With Me - Unleash The Artist Within.

4 April 2014
GUYS GUYS GUYS It's that time again! I get to put on makeup and show you what I've done without doing a FOTD which would essential consist of the exact same thing every time you see it because I pretty much do the same thing every day unless some special occasion arises. This is why I love Love LOVE the Come Play With Me series.

Dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant.

3 April 2014
I've tried a few Dermalogica scrubs and loved them all so when I saw this included in my BiB prize pack I was super happy to have the opportunity to try another one.

Seche - Restore.

2 April 2014
Did you know your nail polish collection will outlive you? Did you know nail polish never goes bad?

March 2014 Collective Haul.

1 April 2014
There will be no collective haul this month, not for the lack of buying but because my hauls have been posted. The only things you haven't seen yet are pictured below.