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L'Oreal - Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

13 March 2014
This was another product sent to me as part of my BiB prize pack, it's not something I would buy for myself, I'd be more likely to spend the extra dollars and pick up some Argan oil. Yup, I've become a hair product snob.

As far as I'm aware the only oils that can actually help the hair on an internal level are Argan oil and Coconut oil, anything else just coats the hair and the results it gives are lost after washing, which is fine by me, I need a little extra help with the visual taming of the hair.

The L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil contains Coconut, Lotus, Chamomile, Tiare Flower, Matricaria, Rose and Flax oils (all of which I personally don't believe do a whole lot of anything for the hair when found in small doses in a product like this). If you research these oils separately you'll see that they can be beneficial for the hair, generally unrefined and virgin oils are recommended though and the quantity recommended for use is fairly high. This oil says right on the bottle that it is a 'Beautifying Treatment' that provides 'Incredible nourishment', I have to be honest and say I wish they had left the nourishment bit out. I suppose the silver lining to having damaged hair is that when a product actually does something to restore hair you notice it and it's a big something to notice, with this product I find that everything it does is temporary and that temporary time span of having results isn't very long.

I generally use this after washing and applying my repairing leave in treatments, think of it as my setting powder over my makeup, it's the final step to finish off everything I can do while my hair is wet, this gives my hair a bit more weight and helps to prevent frizz, flyaways and gives some extra shine.

When my hair is dry I will put this in too, especially when my ends start to feel dry and rough, I really pack it on but if your hair is in decent condition I would recommend following the recommended 2-4 pumps when wet (depending on length and thickness) and even less when dry.

I find that the results I get with this are very, very temporary, I will get maybe 2-4 hours of soft, shiny hair out of an application before I feel the need to apply more.

The consistency is typical of a hair oil and it smells like a candy that I can't quite put my finger on with some light floral notes, it's not overpowering but just adds a very slight fragrance to the hair which diminishes quite quickly.

The packaging is nice, I always love a glass bottle with a pump dispenser!

  • Smells pretty good.
  • Absorbs fairly quickly.

  • Can be heavy on the hair - For me this is actually a pro since it helps to weigh down my fluffy lengths and ends but a lot of people won't want this. Using small amounts of product will help prevent this.
  • Don't believe it's actually doing any repairing while on the hair.

Would I buy it again? No. Would I recommend it to someone who is in desperate need of a really good hair product? No. For me it's just ok, I want to use something that I know is repairing my hair, I would prefer to do a coconut oil treatment once a week because I know when I wash it out my hair is going to have made a transformation that is reminiscent of a miracle. I'm not saying it's a crap product, this will suit some hair types (mostly normal, healthy hair or those with a little damage or dryness) but for me it's not giving me what my hair needs.

What is your favourite hair oil?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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6 comments on "L'Oreal - Elvive Extraordinary Oil."
  1. I love Wella SP Luxe oil. It's a blend of Argan, jojoba and almond oils, and it smells amazing!

    1. I think I have to give some of these Wella products a go, I was looking at some the other day that looked promising but I resisted the urge to buy so I can make a dent in the bunch that I purchased in Jan.

  2. I also think this hair oil is average! Didnt get the WOW factor that some people have raved about!

    1. Yup, know exactly what you mean, I was expecting more.

  3. You're not a hair product snob; you're just smart! If L'oreal sold this product without the silicone, it might have some benefits. I feel that all the silicone serums just coat the hair and don't provide any nourishment. I'm experimenting with DIY recipes - including ones with argan oil - and I feel they are superior.

    1. They would be superior for sure! I'm not totally against the silicone components, they make my hair feel soft and silky instantly and sometimes that's all I want but I hate when they imply that it will do amazing things when right their on the bottle the ingredients show that it won't do a whole lot of anything, to me that is deceitful.