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Empty! March 2014.

31 March 2014
There are a few people in my life who make comments about the amount of skincare and makeup that I own and purchase each month, usually these comments consist of "do you really need that?", "don't you already have that?", "you have a problem" and "stop buying shit!", these comments mostly come from my mum because she sees my collection regularly and she is more often than not the person that I shop with. I have started showing her my bag of empty products at the end of each month and she has slowed down with her comments, although essentially she is right, I do have a problem but I do really need that and even though I already own several of those I need more.

March 2014 Lovers.

30 March 2014
I have decided to keep my loves to a maximum of 10 per month or you folks are going to be seeing many of the same things over and over, this way you'll only be seeing a few repeat products that I just can't get over.

On to the favourites!!

Garnier - Body Tonic Sugar Scrub.

29 March 2014
Another product I scored in my BiB prize and one I wouldn't have purchased of my own accord, not being a huge fan of Garnier products, I expected little and received a lot.

Right on the front of the packaging it says " Immediate Smoothing Effectiveness", I think this should be a given for body exfoliators but lets face it they don't always deliver, this is not one of those products. This is Killer.

Layla - Hologram Effect Nail Polish.

28 March 2014
I recently picked up some Layla Hologram Effect Polishes from a trade store.. they were on sale so obviously I had to have them but I was a good girl, I swear, the whole range was available and I only grabbed 2 out of the 7 or so colours. See, good girl!

Essence - Studio Nails Pro White Effect.

25 March 2014
I'm not sure why I bought this product.. Actually that's a lie, the internet made me buy it and so did the Priceline 40% off sale, I'd seen some good reviews and figured for less than $1 I couldn't really go wrong.

Salon Melbourne 2014 Haul.

24 March 2014
So I took myself off to Salon Melbourne today, for anyone curious about what that is it's an industry professional trade show, we get to watch product demonstrations and have the opportunity to purchase products at trade/wholesale/lower prices. It's a good time, I can tell you that much for free but I also came away with aches and pains all over, a bit of a headache and what I can only describe as mild shock and exhaustion.

Saturday Sample - Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturiser SPF 15/20.

22 March 2014
Clinique's Even Better range is a group of products that are supposed to help even out skin tone by preventing certain factors from causing dark spots and also to: "break apart surface darkening. It works without using harsh ingredients, because we expect you'll use it for a long time". Clinique clearly state: "Generally, it takes a few weeks of twice-daily use to see visible results. Stay with it, and you'll keep seeing results."

Essence - Stays No Matter What Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.

20 March 2014
Inexpensive makeup is hard to find in Australia, especially if you are looking for quality, killer products that do their job fantastically. I'd always ignored Essence products until I saw them getting some rave reviews because I can be a makeup snob, but this doesn't just apply to low cost makeup, I turn my nose up at some of the most expensive brands too.

Skinvitals - Q-Lift Cloth Face Mask.

19 March 2014
I love me a good cloth mask, they are just easy and come with minimal mess and that's the kind of thing I like.

Herbal Essences - Hello Hydration Rinse Off Treatment.

18 March 2014
Usually when I buy products that have been on the market for a while I don't have the intention of reviewing them unless I find them worth a good (or bad) wrap, when I chose to buy this product I expected it to be just ok.

Come Play With Me: Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

14 March 2014
The time has come for the next installment of Come Play With Me and this time around it was Kat's turn to choose the theme, seems she's quite excited to welcome Autumn with open arms!

Vaseline - Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Dry Skin Repair.

13 March 2014
Some of you will know that I'm not the biggest fan of body moisturisers, I use them and I do enjoy some (even love!) but if the option of something innovative becomes available then I'm much more likely to take a chance on that than the traditional crap stuff.

Vaseline has recently released their spray on body moisturiser range in Australia, there are three to choose from Dry Skin Repair, Aloe Sooth and Cocoa Glow, I opted for Dry Skin Repair because I liked the yellow can.
"S.M.R.T! I mean S.M.A.R.T!"

The first time I used this I sprayed it on like the instructions show on the back and promptly noticed that I could feel it under my feet all over the floor as I kind of twisted and pottered around while rubbing the product in. I knew that this could cause me to really get the shits with the product and could potentially be dangerous so the next time I whipped it out I sprayed it really close to my skin in stripes down my arms, legs and torso, this worked so much better, if the product ended up on my floor I didn't notice it and it was just as easy to rub in to my skin.

Directions: Stand in awkward position and white snake will appear.
The product absorbs really quickly which I absolutely love Love LOVE and my skin is left feeling soft and hydrated without that revolting greasy residue that makes pulling on tight pants a nightmare.

Would it be enough hydration in winter? Perhaps not, but an extra application would help with that or I can choose to use a body balm every now and then to compensate.

The dry skin formula smells like Angels and Unicorns (Actually I can't put my finger on what it smells like, maybe a clean, fresh floral?). The consistency is weird (my favourite!), it absorbs like a gel but looks like a lotion and foam had a baby and stuck it in a can.

This stuff isn't going to be for everyone, if you love the traditional body moisturising experience then you might have some trouble loving this product but for me; not squeezing gloop in to my hands and rubbing it over my body really makes me happy.

  • Easy application.
  • Smells good.
  • Absorbs quickly and hydrates well.

  • Can be messy if you don't apply it carefully
  • Mess can potentially be slippery and dangerous.

Me likey! I'm keen to try out the Aloe Sooth one now that I know I like the general concept. I'm not likely to try out the Cocoa one only because I've had issues with Cocoa type products in the past and I don't want to deal with the skin reaction if I can avoid it. Give me all the spray on moisturisers!!

Does this look like something you'd be interested in trying?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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L'Oreal - Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

This was another product sent to me as part of my BiB prize pack, it's not something I would buy for myself, I'd be more likely to spend the extra dollars and pick up some Argan oil. Yup, I've become a hair product snob.

Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Sale + Mini Haul - March 2014

11 March 2014
Hello Makeup Junkies.

Today I saw my therapist, it was wonderful.

Maybelline - Colour Show Brocades.

8 March 2014
My current obsession with glitter polishes is still going strong and I have been scouring my local Priceline stores for the new Maybelline Brocade polishes for a few weeks now, I'm not sure if they are selling out because they are popular or my local stores just aren't stocking them yet but my efforts to find the range had been futile until I spotted some at my local Coles. The last time I bought something like this from Coles was the first of never, clearly I need to pay more attention to the potential of slipping some sneaky makeup items in to the weekly shopping.

Pinned It, Nailed It!

6 March 2014
Pinterest has a wondeful ability to make me hungry, I like to pin pictures of amazing dishes and then never make them because I'm not actually a good cook, I have a few recipes that are fantastic but none of them are original, they have all been passed down to me. If I was required to make something from scratch with stuff in the pantry and no help from a recipe we'd all be fucked.

Lapurete - Okuru Mild Creme Facial Cleanser & Toner.

5 March 2014
This was a product that was sent to me as part of my BiB prize.

I was pretty stoked to get my hot little hands on this, I've seen it on TV and in store and my curiosity was peaked on more than one occasion. Because it's been featured on television (Today Tonight) I actually didn't take the brand all that seriously, I certainly wanted to try it but I didn't have a lot of confidence when it came to actually forking over the money for the products because, like all other women, I hate to be disappointed in a product.

February 2014 Collective Haul.

3 March 2014
I didn't spend excessively in feb but it wasn't for lack of trying, it was one of those months where I'd pick something up I was interested in but the urge to own it would fade and mostly things went back on the shelf rather than in my shopping basket.