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Saturday Sample - Triple Threat??

22 February 2014
I've been slowly making my way through my samples and as some exit, others enter, not that I'll complain about that! What has kind of puzzled me though is that I haven't used a sample in quite a while that I've actually liked (or disliked, 'cos sometimes those ones come with funny stories to tell). Anyway I still don't have any great samples that I want to talk about but I do have a trio of samples that surprised me in how completely average they have been for me (with one saving grace) and I'm hoping some of my readers will also have some opinions on these products.

Here are three Lancome serums, Visionnaire, Advanced Genifique and Genifique Yeux. I have linked each product to the Lancome website if you want to read more, I'm not going to post the products claims because I want this to be a quick read with a cup of tea not a weekend sit down.


I apply this serum at night as recommended when using Genifique and Visionnarie together and while it's a nice serum I really can't say I've seen any real results.

It's got a nice light consistency, feels great on the skin, absorbs quickly, doesn't leave a sticky residue and smells great (fresh floral) but aside from all that it's just a nice serum for me. I thought perhaps my skin wasn't in such a state for this to be effective but it claims to assist with wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin tone and I have all of those.

Advanced Genifique

I use this one in the morning and again, no results that I've noticed.

This one is very similar to Visionnaire in all it's features except for the scent, it doesn't really smell like anything to me other than an extremely slight plant-ish aroma.

This claims to help with 10 different signs of aging in as little as 7 days, I can't say I was impressed because I have seen no obvious change in 5 weeks.

Side note with these two serums: I noticed some change in my skin after about the first week of use, I suspected I was going to break out but nothing really eventuated from it, the areas that looked like trouble was brewing just went back to how they were before using the products, I believe it was a slight skin purge. Since I was using both it was impossible to pin point if it was just one causing this or both as I wasn't willing to stop using either products for such a minimal issue.

Genifique Yeux

This serum is aimed at using around the eyes, it has this really cool tear drop shaped metal applicator and you essentially use it to massage the product around your eyes, now I really like this concept but I feel like it applies too much product in some places and not enough in others.

You are supposed to open the bottle and swirl the applicator around the mouth of the bottle, this supposedly gives you enough product for both eyes and I believe it does but to get an even application I have to dot it around both eyes first and then go back and massage it in, in the Lancome demo video they make it look so perfect and easy but it's not so straightforward.

This is easily my favourite of the three, I feel like I have actually seen some results with this product in regards to reducing puffiness and firming around the eye area, also the applicator has novelty value for me although I prefer to just use my finger tip.

In conclusion I wouldn't spend my money on Visionnaire or Genifique, they were so average for me, but the eye serum I do like and if my budget allowed it I would really consider repurchasing it. After using these for the last 5 weeks and coming close to finishing them off I would expect to see at least some change but like I said earlier; they have been so surprisingly average. I expected so much more from these products, I know they couldn't deliver a sunny holiday in a tropical setting or an expensive pair of shoes but I was at least hoping for a bit of even skin tone or some help with the crater like pores on my face.

Have you experienced results with any of these products?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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3 comments on "Saturday Sample - Triple Threat??"
  1. I've tried genifique and it didn't do a thing for me, my skin reacted to it the first few times with weird pink burning rashes :/

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. This happened to me with an AlphaH serum! I'm quite confident it was either an allergic reaction or a skin sensitivity problem. Although I'm not blown away by these serums I'm glad I got to try them out for an extended period and the eye serum works really well for me but I've heard mixed reviews with that one too.

  2. I agree! I had a full sized bottle of visionnaire and did not notice any visible results even though I used it all up :( I don't understand why it's hyped up so much.
    x Court