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Sanctuary Spa - Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil.

27 February 2014
This post has been a long time coming, I've struggled badly to even find the right frame of mind to sit down and write about this particular product, for so long I disliked it but I feel like I can now review it without being super rough on it (but still a bit rough, for good reason!).

I'm no stranger to oil cleansing, in fact it's my all time favourite way of removing makeup and it's fun! I love seeing how far I can drag my mascara and eyeliner around my face, sometimes it's nice to look a mess, makes me feel like a kid again.

This clear, lavender scented oil claims to "Dissolve makeup, purify and moisturse in one", I agree with that, it works well on makeup, even the waterproof and long wearing stuff and leaves your skin clean without feeling dry or tight.

The packaging is quite cute, I like pink so it works for me in that respect and although it's a plastic bottle it doesn't really look super cheap, it's got a bit of a luxe touch to it. The thing that does shit me is the actual pump dispenser; it has a little lock mechanism, you just twist the top in the respective direction and you can't push the pump down, but even when it is not locked it seems to have this ability to move ever so slightly in the lock direction which still makes it impossible to use until you twist it back to the furthest unlocked position. Petty?? I don't think so, it's annoying when you experience it every time you try to dispense product that's what it is.
Another thing about the lock mechanism (which should be really handy for travelling right?), is that it doesn't prevent product leakage. I had it locked and laying on it's side in a bag with a bunch of other products waiting to be trialed, when I finally grabbed it out of the bag to really put it to the test I discovered it had leaked over everything and the oil had dissolved the exterior coating on my Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner (the coating that didn't wipe away when I was cleaning up the mess never set again on the pencil, if I pick it up I can feel it's still tacky, this occured in July of 2013, 6 months ago!)... Made me careful to wash every last smidgen of this off my skin each time I use it and never ever would I lay this in my luggage.

When I'm using this I apply it directly to my dry skin, always 2 pumps and massage it over my face and neck to break down my makeup, occasionally it has a bit of a hard time with waterproof mascara but giving it a few extra moments to dissolve the product helps.

2 layers of Colorstay, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner, waterproof mascara and Blam Stain, all allowed to set for 30 minutes.

Melting, MELTING!

Emulsified, quite good except for two tiny specks of mascara.

Emulsifying the product properly does take a fair amount of water, I find placing my face in my cupped hands while they are full of water and then rubbing my fingers all around my face to be the best way to really get this to work at it's peak, not enough water will make emulsifying difficult and it won't rinse away properly. I always follow this up with a second cleanse, the Rimmel eyeliner incident has really stuck in my mind.

  • Removes makeup quite well.
  • Doesn't strip the skin.
  • Oli cleansers are fun!

  • Stinks. (Personal preference, others will love it)
  • Pump lid annoys me and can leak even when locked.
  • Dissolves stuff that I wouldn't think it could dissolve (kind of scares me really freaks me out! After writing out the experience and realising the pencil is still tacky after 6 months I'm wondering if I should be putting this on my face).

I don't mind this oil, it does the job but I don't think it compares to my HG oil cleanser and I think since I had a weird experience with it in the early days of purchasing it I'm a bit more inclined to have a bit of a negative vibe about it but if you're new to oil cleansing and you think maybe you want to try it out then this wouldn't be a bad option to try, it's inexpensive and does encapsulate what an oil cleanser should do. Can I just suggest that you keep it upright at all times and be wary of that pump top, it's annoying.

What do you think of Oil Cleansing? Way of the future or not for you?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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