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Puretopia - Whisk Away Rehydrating & Moisturising Creamy Face Cleanser.

5 February 2014
So last Saturday I posted this sample review, it's a nice cleanser and if I were growing money trees in the back yard or out of my ass I would happily purchase it and use it, but money trees I have not, so cheaper options are necessary for me.

When I had my Great Skin Spaz of 2013 I purchased the Puretopia Whisk Away Rehydrating & Moisturising Creamy Face Cleanser, it's from a brand I trust and have been impressed with consistently since discovering it so it was a no brainer for me to choose this particular product over any other when I was forced to make the switch to cream cleansers over my usual foaming favourites.

This product was used primarily as my second cleanse, I'd use an oil or balm cleanser to remove my makeup and then go in with this to ensure maximum hydration and a thorough clean while also treating my skin to some good stuff like shea butter, vitamin B5 and rosehip oil.

Sometimes when I see things like this I want to eat it..
This is a really nice, rich, thick cream cleanser with a rose scent, now I'm not really a fan of rose scents unless I'm sticking my face in a flower but this one wasn't so strong that I found it offensive which was a big thumbs up for me. I liked to apply it to damp skin and gently massage it over my face, I didn't feel the need to avoid my eye area because it never stung if I accidentally gave my eye balls a cream bath and I didn't feel that it left any sort of residue on my skin.

I had a few ways I liked to remove this, my favourite is a hot face washer, I find I can easily skip exfoliating when I used this method and I'm left with baby soft skin, occasionally I just rinse with warm or cool water but if you want my honest opinion and best possible advice, you can't beat that face washer method.

I fell in love with two aspects of this product, first the fact that it left my parched skin feeling hydrated, in the early days of dealing with my horribly dry skin I couldn't wash my face without being physically uncomfortable, even after rushing from the bathroom to my room where I kept all of my skin saviours and slathered my face in the heaviest hydrating creams I owned my face felt tight and had a deep down dryness that I just could not get rid of but after using this for a few days I could potter around slowly, apply my serums and eye creams and not have my skin screaming for moisture. Now I'll be honest, this product had some help from these as well, this cleanser alone did not fix my dryness problem but it helped to encourage rehydration during the cleansing process by cleaning my skin without stripping any of the moisture, which was what I feared from cleansing the most.

The second thing that made this cleanser absolutely amazing was it's ability to remove makeup. I didn't bother trying this out in the early days of using this product, I was switching between a super heavy balm cleanser and high end oil cleanser for that, but when I finally gave it a go I was shocked at how well it worked. This made super light work of all my makeup, I actually had a hard time believing that such an inexpensive and unassuming cleanser was so damn good.

I think this product would be best suited for people with dry to normal skin and if you're sensitive on top of that, even better, this stuff is Batman effective and Angel Wings gentle.

  • Great at removing makeup.
  • Excellent hydrator.
  • Really gentle on the skin.
  • Inexpensive at $9.95 for 125ml.

  • Struggled to get the last little dribble out of the tube, I put a little water in there, shook it up then used it as my morning cleanser.

Amazing stuff, go buy it. I'll see you at Priceline.

Have a favourite Puretopia product? Let me know what it is in the comments!

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2 comments on "Puretopia - Whisk Away Rehydrating & Moisturising Creamy Face Cleanser."
  1. Sounds like a great product! I know all about a skin spaz! I've always had the odd break out, but a few years ago, I got the worst cystic acne. It was terrible, I still have the resulting pigmentation to remind me, ugh!

    1. It's so frustrating! I was relieved when it started to clear up but I'm left with a few scars too, the worst being the fear that the problem will come back!