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Pinned It - Kinda Nailed It.

18 February 2014
I was looking online for post inspiration and I came across a blog post with a massive list of blog post ideas, one that really popped out at me was "Pinned It", the concept is to recreate something that you pinned on to Pinterest. This sounded like a good way to make all those hours I waste on Pinterest not so much of a waste so every now and then I'm gonna pick a pin and try to recreate it, this may actually encourage me to pin things rather than just spend hours each night in bed browsing the things others pin, which is mainly what I tend to do with my Pinterest account. I can not for the life of me find the original post that I saw this on, I really wanted to link the site because I believe giving credit where credit is due is really important but I didn't save the page because I'm a bit of an idiot at times. Forgive me!

I picked an awesome nail art pin, no pun intended with the post title, I just think I did an ok job.

The original pin that I chose is this one:

I opted to use my OPI Neon Revolution mini kit to do this manicure and I feel like I need to mention that the kit is not worth a pinch of shit and I really dislike it, there are only 4 colours in the kit so you need to mix a colour for your fifth nail (I mixed blue and yellow to make a deep green) if you don't want to double up and they aren't true neon colours, except the yellow, that is definitely neon. Ok now that I have that off my chest lets take a look at what I managed to do.

It wasn't overly difficult but it was tedious, the site the pin originates from is and I couldn't find the original post but I had an idea of how this would be created; after painting the neon bases and allowing them to dry, apply nail art tape in the patterns you want to create and paint over the nails with black polish before carefully peeling off the tape and setting with a top coat. Easy, but making the tape sit where you want it to can be annoying.

Aside from being pissed off by the OPI polishes and getting tiny thin strips of tape stuck all over the place, I have to say that this went quite well. My tip would be do one finger at a time when it comes to sticking the tape on and painting over it, if the nail polish stars to dry before you peel the tape off you'll have all sorts of problems.

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2 comments on "Pinned It - Kinda Nailed It."
  1. I think you did a GREAT job! I can't do much nail art with my clumsy fingers, there will always be a dent. You definitely nailed it ^_^

    1. Thank you Lily! Although it took me AGES I think it was pretty decent for a first attempt :)