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WTF? Smith Street Market - Candy Love Body Lotion.

16 January 2014
This is not a review. Well I guess it kind of is, but it's more of a first impression of a product that made me say "what the actual fuck?" out loud while using it for the first time. I had no intentions of reviewing this when I picked it up, it was just super inexpensive and I thought it would smell nice, that's all. It wasn't until I started using it that I decided people needed to see this.

First up it does not smell like candy. It smells like nothing, nothing at all.

Secondly the pigment in it is so strong it stains the skin.

It doesn't wash off..

What the fuck?
No really..
What is this? I'm having a really difficult time understanding what the hell sort of shenanigans this is.

On another note it absorbs really quickly. Also the sister shower gel rinses off in pink foamy bubbles..

Tell me your "What the fuck is this?" story.

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7 comments on "WTF? Smith Street Market - Candy Love Body Lotion."
  1. Eek that's no good! I've never used this product but don't like it as the packaging is a direct rip off of Philosophy-a brand that has products that smell amazing not luck nothing! How annoying for this to happen-even if it was inexpensive.

    1. Yes, the packaging did suck me in! It looked very safe but clearly the pigment they have used to colour it is either not suitable for skin care products or they have put waaay too much in the batch. Either way, I can't see this being used often, if ever!

  2. That's terrible! Dodgy ingredients/formula?

    Will be avoiding this brand, thanks for sharing your experience and indeed-what the actual fck. I haven't yet experienced a weird beauty moment!

    1. Yes, definitely something not right!

      I'll be avoiding this brand from now on too! Just too weird for me.

  3. Oh shit! Might pass on this one!
    Your posts always make me laugh!

  4. Oh no, I actually bought this on a whim the other day to include in a friends birthday present...maybe i'll just chuck this in the bin!!

    1. Unless your friend has a great sense of humor I'd avoid giving it to her, did you buy the twin pack that comes with a shower puff? The shower gel is fine, it doesn't stain the skin and does smell quite nice but the body lotion is no good and the shower puff fell apart the first time I used it. Bloody useless!