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Sally Hansen - Sugar Coat Textured Nail Colour

20 January 2014
My overall feeling about these types of textured polishes is that I don't like them, between OPI Liquid Sand in Vesper and these friggin' things I have seriously been turned off by textured nail polishes.

If you've read my blog before you may be aware that I love weird things.
So when these not so typical polishes started to be released I was excited, I'd grab a few here and there but with a nail polish collection that is nearing 100 bottles I tend to let them be a 'treat' item, I only purchase them if I need a specific polish for a job or if I have disposable income and aren't lusting over something else, hence I'm late to the party with these particular products. When I purchased them I had no intention of reviewing them, they have been out for a long time and I didn't expect there to be anything super amazing and special about them, it was just a treat for me and an opportunity to try them out. In all honesty I kind of became a psychotic woman who's only goal in life was to buy nail polish, Sally Hansen's Sugar Coats were among them.

After my horrid experience with the OPI Liquid Sand in Vesper I decided I had to see how these compared and after removing the second polish of the two that are pictured above I sat down and started writing this, because you gotta see this shit.

Cotton Candies

First off I tried out Cotton Candies which is quite a pretty pink, after 2 coats I was happy with the finish, it's quite opaque and if you like to load up your brush you could get away with just one coat. It was after I had finished applying it to both hands that I decided the finish of these textured polishes are pretty ugly, from a distance it looks like you slept with wet nails and got hard core sheet marks, up close they just look like I tried to paint my nails on a windy day at the beach.

What a deceivingly gorgeous looking nail polish!

I really don't have a lot to say about Cotton Candies except that beware that when it feels dry it may still be wet, I quickly stuffed up this mani and wore it for a little under 24 hours before I could no longer stand the look of it.
With top coat.

A top coat can be applied but the finish is still pretty rank, they can be smoothed out with multiple coats but then what's the point right?


The following day I applied Razzleberry, this is a seriously stunning blue, I adore the colour and would put up with the manky textured finish just to be able to stare at this colour all day. I opted to skip the base coat when I applied this one because I can be lazy, also it made the dry time for Cotton Candies literally hours after applying the second coat, I couldn't deal with that again.

Razzleberry. Killer colour!

I wore Razzleberry for about 4 days, that's pretty impressive for me, I'm rough with my hands and my nails take a beating so kudos to Sally Hansen on that one. It wasn't until I started to remove the polish that I went "what the fuck?"

I thought they needed help before I removed the polish.. ugh.

I haven't had staining from a nail polish in years, no joke, years . Even without a base coat, because like I said: Lazy.
I went over my clean nails several times with nail polish remover, scrubbed them with soap and a nail brush and considered the acetone but had to stop myself there, acetone is super drying and I don't want to be repairing broken nails all week. Stained blue nails it is.

Now the sole reason this pisses me off is because we live in busy times, not all women have hours to sit around and preen over their nails. Many, many women go without a base coat because it's bloody convenient to skip it. Also with the top coats of today (looking at you Seche Vite), base coats are basically bullshit: I say basically because there are a couple that really do make a difference to wear time. People say "wear a base coat to protect your nails and improve wear time", this is crap. A good nail polish will be pigmented enough to give you a beautiful finish without staining your nails, these same good polishes will last the test of time without a base coat because 99% of base coats are just the same damn formula as all other polishes and the only difference is that they don't contain pigment. Most base coats are a marketing ploy and therefore bullshit.

I seriously wonder if this product was even quality tested on real women before it was released.

Pros & Cons
  • The colours are pretty but the finish of the polish is just ugly.
  • These are very easy to remove and when I compare it to OPI ... it's seriously a walk in the park, unless they stain your nails then you're up shit creek without a paddle.
  • You can't be lazy and not wear a base coat. 

What was the last product that disappointed you?

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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6 comments on "Sally Hansen - Sugar Coat Textured Nail Colour"
  1. I'm sort of on the fence about these...they look *kinda* cool but I prefer smooth, glossy nails! I've got a few textured polishes and the only one I really like is one of the Face of Australia textured polishes. The Rimmel Space Dust range is decent too - I think because they have bits of glitter in them so they look nicer than the SH Sugar Coat ones.

    1. I one hundred percent agree with you, glitter textured polishes are more my thing but even then I like to put a super high gloss top coat on them, these things are not my cup of tea though. Bright Side: Got them half price.

  2. I'm pretty much 100% dedicated to gel polish now. My nails are terrible anyway, and with gels I don't bite or pick at them. Any damage to them is covered up by the polish anyway most of the time. If I take it off properly like I know I should this is minimal anyway...

    1. Gel polishes are fantastic, I've been lusting after my own kit so I can do it at home but the initial cost will hurt, it makes me sad.

      I think the only downside is that I tend to be a 'peeler' and this is never good when you're wearing gels, such a bad habit but the satisfaction of peeling my polish off is almost irresistible.

  3. Sorry that you have been having so much trouble with these polishes. I personally love them, but only the ones with glitter in them, the solid colour ones look gross. The Zoya pixi dusts are gorgeous, as are the new range that Pretty Serious just bought out. The secret is definitely thin coats as they do take longer to dry than a traditional polish.
    Unfortunately blue is just one of those colours that always stains, even with a base coat. I suspect it's something to do with the contrast to skin tone. I always use a base though as I find it gives my nails a little more protection and I will not hear a bad word against Seche Vite, it's the only reason I paint my nails more than once a month, if I had to wait for it to dry normally I would ruin it within 5 minutes.

    1. Yeah I think I'll be sticking to the glittery ones, they float my boat! Also, completely agree about Seche Vite, it is by far the most amazing top coat I have ever used, that stuff is literally life changing!