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Layla - Bubbly Effect Nail Polish.

14 January 2014
Recently I drove past a trade beauty supply place in Melbourne that I'd never noticed before, they had been there for years apparently but had erected (heh) a new sign which caught my eye instantly, inside I found many goodies!

When I spotted their small display of Layla Bubbly Effect nail polishes I did a quiet little happy dance, I knew these were going to be similar to the OPI Spotted polish which every Australian woman who loves beauty products will know, was unavailable in Australia. Shame on you OPI.

Layla is an Italian cosmetics brand, they aren't widely available in Australia, I've seen them at only one place and I'm often making trips to beauty supply stores. They have 5 colours in the range; white, black, blue, red and orange, I went with the obvious and safe choice of 02 Black Forest.

So I started with a multi coloured base consisting of OPI Neons. The directions on the Layla Bubbly Effect say to 'apply a very thin layer over your base colour', I applied what I considered to be a very thin coat and was instantly proven that my very thin coat was not very thin at all and that this polish was going to take practice to understand how to get the best results. Instead of dipping my brush back in the bottle I went straight on to painting the next nail, results were better but not as awesome as I wanted it to be, it wasn't until I got to my index finger that I kind of liked the effect. Over these first 4 nails I didn't put the brush back in the bottle, you seriously need just the smallest amount, if you think you have a small amount then you are wrong, go back and wipe more off.

Once I'd painted all of my nails I applied a coat of Seche Vite which caused the polish to shrink slightly because I didn't cap the nails, I also didn't bother cleaning them up around the edges because I knew that this wasn't going to stay on my nails for long.

I did notice that if a top coat isn't applied quite quickly after the bubble coat dries then it starts to form little hairline cracks, kind of like a shatter polish except very subtle. The polish takes about a minute to dry, maybe less, by the time I had painted both hands the polish was dry enough to start with a top coat.

  • Kind of a cool effect if it's done perfectly.
  • Eye catching, wore it for only 24 hours and had multiple comments.

  • Easy to stuff up, tedious to work with.
  • If your coat is too thick it just looks like a weird patchy manicure.
  • If your coat is too thin (which is possible) it just looks like a weird patchy manicure.
  • Consistent results are impossible, one nail will be awesomely spotted and another will have just a few spots. 
  • Pisses me off.

I like the concept but I think the polish it's self is a bit meh. I really can't see this being a favourite because the results just aren't right for me. Sure I'll use it again but it's not going to be making a frequent appearance on my nails.

Have you tried any spotted effect nail polishes?

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2 comments on "Layla - Bubbly Effect Nail Polish."
  1. I pretty much only use gel polishes, so I haven't tried any of these cool special things. I should try putting it over a gel colour though, great way to extend the wear of a colour without taking it off I think.
    I wish I could go to trade stores! I'm sick of not being able to access basic supplies easily such as lint free wipes. It's a pain in the bum waiting weeks for things to come from overseas!

    1. These do work over gel polishes and they are good for freshening up old polish. I do feel lucky to be able to shop at trade stores, some of them hold little gems that I had no idea about but it hurts my wallet badly!