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Blogmas: Trilogy - Rosapene Day & Night Collection.

16 December 2013
I'm really excited to be reviewing the Trilogy Rosapene Day & Night Collection today, so excited I almost pee'd a little bit (not really).

I picked this pack up in October and have been using it religiously ever since, now it is limited edition but I know some Priceline stores still have them because I've seen them with my own peepers very recently!

The pack contains a 30ml Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ (full size), 25ml Rosapene Night Cream, 20ml Vital Moisturising Cream, and retails for $35.95.

Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

For years I've used facial oils but not once in those many years have I used a rosehip oil and I seriously had no idea what I was missing. This oil is divine, between this and the night cream there is some super duper hydrating and healing going on.

The oil is a pretty amber colour and has a very slight earthy scent, it's contained in a glass bottle which comes with an eye dropper style dispenser making it easy to control whether you use a little or a lot. 2-3 drops will do your whole face and neck but when I'm using it at night I use a few extra because my skin just drinks this right up. If you wanted to use this during the day it goes great under a light moisturiser and it doesn't sit on top of the skin, I like to give it 5 or 10 minutes to soak in and only use a small amount and it doesn't effect my makeup application or wear.

After just 2 days of using this morning and night in conjunction with the other creams in the set I noticed the dry patches that had developed since taking Minocycline were completely gone and within a week my skin was starting to produce oil the way it use to. This trio finally helped me to get back the skin I once had while the stubborn comedogenic acne was being cleared from the inside by the medication, I had the best of both worlds.

This certified organic facial oil is super hydrating, has lovely essential fatty acids and antioxidants and claims it will help with fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, firmness, elasticity and brightens the complexion. Results that I personally experienced were hydration, plumping of fine lines and an improvement of my over all skin tone.

I'd highly recommend this for all skin types. Seriously if you don't own this you are missing out.

Rosapene Night Cream

This cream is lush. It's thick and feels so luxurious. It contains Rosapene which is a trademarked formulation by Trilogy, basically Rosapene is a combination of rosehip seed oil, tomato seed oil, cranberry seed oil, acai seed oil and oat extract, other awesome ingredients in this are goji extract and manuka honey. When used over the rosehip oil you only need the smallest amount, it does leave a bit of a greasy residue on your skin but it doesn't bother me since it's a night cream, also my skin loved the ongoing hydration. This stuff has an intense rose scent, usually I would hate that but with this cream it's so fitting and just feels oh so right.

This cream helps with hydration, recovery and regeneration while you rest. I most definitely experienced this.

This is suitable for all skin types, don't worry if you're oily, this isn't likely to clog you up. People with dry skin are going to love this.

Vital Moisturising Cream

This is the day cream in the set, it also contains Rosapene along with marula (a fruit that is high in vitamin C) and orange flower. The texture is lighter than the night cream as you would expect and has that same distinct rose scent but with a hint of what I think smells like orange, it's a little more zesty than the night cream which I quite like in the morning.

This is supposed to be non greasy and fast absorbing while assisting with hydration and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

When I first started to use this it was a life saver, it really does help with hydration but I found after about a week it was becoming too much, my skin wasn't absorbing it as well as it originally did and it was hindering my makeup application, using the rosehip oil and this was excessive since my skin had repaired it's self by this point and was producing it's own oil naturally and was no longer dehydrated, basically the kit had done it's job and my skin wasn't crying out for so much help. I opted to use this on it's own during the day and keep the rosehip oil for night use before moisturising but I still found it a little too much under makeup. I use this primarily as a day cream when I'm not wearing makeup now. This product also comes in a SPF15 version for those who like a moisturiser and sun cream in one product.

I think this product would best suit dry skin types and wouldn't be suitable for oily complexions.

In conclusion this set was right up there with my smartest purchases this year, obviously I was using some fantastic hydrating cleansers while dealing with my dry skin spaz attack but they only prevented further drying, these Trilogy products were the heroes that re-hydrated by skin, completely void my life of dry patches and helped my skin to produce oil naturally again. Seriously can't recommend this kit enough, go and buy it. Now.

Do you have a favourite Trilogy product you'd recommend that I try? I want them all now..

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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2 comments on "Blogmas: Trilogy - Rosapene Day & Night Collection."
  1. This pack looks great, I have tried trilogy vital moisturiser and really love it. Trilogy rosehip oil and night cream also worth buying

    1. They really are, the rosehip oil especially. It's amazing!