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Blogmas: Repairing A Broken Nail.

22 December 2013
Once upon a time there was a little girl, she went to her mother one day and said "Everyone bites their nails so I'm going to as well". That little girl stuck to her guns and bit her nails constantly until she was in her late teens until one day she turned to her mother and said "I want to have beautiful nails, I'm going to stop biting them", it was extremely difficult for her to stop her bad habit but eventually her nails started to grow and with every millimeter they grew she developed a little extra will power to keep her nails away from her mouth. Her hard work payed off and she got her wish, dainty feminine nails graced her finger tips. She felt like she could rule the world and knew that anything she put her mind to was achievable.

This is a true story, it's my story, turns out I was an idiot sheep of a child. I don't remember telling mum that I was going to start biting my nails because everyone else did but she tells me the story every time she sees me painting my nails.

I don't have any tips when it comes to not biting your nails, I just went with willpower, if I found my nails in my mouth I would take them away and remind myself of why I was trying to change. I also found paying extra attention to my nails helped, using a cuticle cream, painting them pretty colours, etc, etc. It wasn't long before someone grabbed my hand and said "Oh your nails are stunning!", I still remeber what I was wearing on them that day, it was a black shimmer polish, I think by Australis. The polish is long gone but the compliment has stayed with me.

I still don't bite my nails but I do struggle with them, they like to break, often. It infuriates me. I don't pull them off when they break, I mend them. I've looked high and low for a nail repair kit over the years because I've always wanted to try out a kit but I've never managed to find one, so I fix them at home with what I have around the house.

I think anyone who has put in the hard work of growing their nails knows the sorrow of breaking one and there is no way in hell I'm punishing the rest of my nails just because one decided to be a jerk.

What a douche bag.


  • Nail Glue
  • Pointy Tweezers
  • A piece of tea bag material cut slightly bigger than the damaged area of your nail
Clean your nail, make sure there is no dirt or oil on the nail bed.

Place a drop of nail glue on your tea bag material.

Make sure the nail is positioned correctly and place the material over the break. Press in to place and allow to dry completely.

Take a nail buffer and gently buff the repaired area until completely smooth and well blended.

Rejoice at your handy work.

Nail polish remover that contains acetone can weaken the repair work, so be mindful of that. To remove the material and glue you just need to place a cotton ball soaked in Acetone over the nail for a minute and gently rub away.

Have you seen a nail repair kit in stores anywhere? My method works really well and I know a kit will be no different but I'm obsessed with finding one to try out!!

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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3 comments on "Blogmas: Repairing A Broken Nail."
  1. This is such a great tip, thanks for sharing! I used to hate when that happened because i'd have to cut that nail and then it wouldn't match all my other nails so I'd have to cut them all and it was such an annoyance but my nails have really strengthened the past few months so thankfully no more breakages!

    1. I really need to work out how to strengthen mine, I think they get dried out and when they take a firm blow they snap or tear. So annoying.

  2. I've used the nail glue on its own without the teabag but I'll give that a go next time :). Thanks, Hailey !!!

    Arty Girl