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Blogmas: Let The Madness Begin...

23 December 2013
The end of Blogmas grows near and it's a bit of a relief, not because it has been difficult or a burden, quite the opposite actually, I've burned through so many reviews and ideas that I'm running out of material. I have a few items in my review pile but I honestly feel like I need more time to come to a solid conclusion as to how I feel about them.

I've loved Blogmas, it'll definitely be a permanent feature for as long as I blog, there were a few speed bumps along the way but I managed to get a post up every day now for 23 days. I'm such a proud little blogger.

I will continue to have posts up tomorrow, on Christmas Day and even on Boxing Day, then I'll be having a little break until the 31st when I will do my usual empties post. The next few days posts are going to be very laid back though because I'm friggin' knackered.

Me right now.

I ended up at Chadstone Shopping Center today, mostly I wanted to have a quick look at the sales going on to get an idea for how they would be on boxing day, it was a rookie mistake I guess, I ended up with a sore back, personal space breach induced anger and crowd frustration. In return I came home with a nice little pre-Christmas haul. All photos were taken with my iPhone, they are bad I know but exhaustion has set in so please have pity.

Just a little bit.

Bra's N Things

It all started with the dreaded bra shopping. I've been needing to do it for months but I just hate it, hate it, hate it. I'm really petite but was blessed with large ladies, an 8DD to be exact, I don't care if that's TMI, I'm in a sharing mood.

Finding bras that fit me properly is a hellish experience, I don't like lace or cups that come up to my collar bone and you can keep your weird patterns. Anyway I saw Bras n' Things were having a buy 2 get one free sale and thought I'd be stupid not to at least try to find something that I liked. Of course it was hellish, nothing fit, everything was ugly but the SA gave me some sage advice and after an hour of trying on bras I finally fell in love with one she chose for me. I was happy to leave. I won't show you the bra.. I don't think sharing that much is what you want to see.


Daiso finally stocked the brush cleanser!! I was going to buy a bunch but figured I should try it first. If I like I'll grab more on Boxing day if they are still in stock. Also grabbed some pointy tipped tweezers.


Supre, another dreaded store but when you see a $2 rack you have to harden the fuck up and have a look.

Cotton On Body

My Cotton On Body haul is upside down because it's a jerk. Mum found a onesie and convinced me I needed it, she was right, I do love me a onesie! I also picked up another bra, it's not perfect but for $10 I figured I'd get a few months of wear out of it. Mum lined up and ordered me to look at the onesies again, so I purchased another one, same pattern just short legs and sleeves. It's also printed with " All I want is everything" which is true.

Valley Girl

Valley Girl isn't somewhere I would usually shop but loose fitting button up shirts have been on my want list for a while.


Finally Factorie sucked me in yet again.

I'm actually really happy with what I picked up, now that I'm sitting here on my soft bed I can forget the horror of Chadstone and mentally prepare myself for Boxing day sales.. Pray for me.

All Products were purchased by myself and I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned unless otherwise stated. Links provided are for shopping examples only, I have personally purchased from some (not all) of these online stores but I highly recommend researching before buying.

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