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Vichy - Oligo 25 Eyes Anti-Fatigue Cooling Effect Stick.

15 November 2013
This is a bit of a weird product and I picked it up solely for that reason, I've never seen anything quite like it, usually cooling eye products are dispensed from a tube with a metal tip that provides the cooling sensation but this just looks like a short, fat little lip balm. You twist up the base, run it around your eye contours, pat it in and off you go, I'm getting ahead of myself here.


Vichy Oligo 25 Eyes is essentially a solid gel like stick, it claims to revitalise the eye area and make it appear 'radiant' (their words, not mine), it also claims to reduce the appearance of under eye bags (puffiness) and dark circles and generally helping them to appear refreshed and rested.

When I finally sat down and had a read of the packaging (didn't bother at all when I purchased it, just saw it and thought 'weird' and put it in my basket along with a plethora of other french goodies) I noticed that it claimed to reduce dark circles, I scoffed internally and then put aside my usual eye serum and cream to try it out. I expected little as my dark circles are hereditary but it's been warming up around here lately so thought it would be a good time to try it out.

If you can work out what causes the cooling effect do let me know!
The first thing I noticed is that it actually feels cold on the skin, I don't know how (no menthol in it but must be some other awesome ingredient) and it's not long lasting but when that stick touches your skin it feels like it just came out of the refrigerator. It's bloody magic I tell you, so nice when you're tired or hot. It goes on clear and shiny and benefits from being tapped in to the skin, your eye will also appreciate the little massage.

Ohhh shiny.
Shortly after applying I noticed that my friggin' eyes felt sticky, it has a hard time absorbing on it's own. This is not a moisturiser, don't let it replace your usual eye cream, take that lesson from someone who learnt the hard way, it simply is not moisturising enough on it's own and it's slightly uncomfortable to wear alone due to the slight stickiness it leaves behind, you need to smooth an eye cream over the top to prevent the sticky feeling and keep the skin around your eyes properly hydrated.

Took a chunk out of it while opening. So sad.
After about a week of using it day and night under my usual eye cream I was sitting in front of the mirror and getting ready to apply my makeup and I noticed that my dark circles were less severe, they weren't gone by any means but they looked smaller and not quite as dark, had I not been sitting I would have fallen over from shock. This stuff does something!

The stick is cool (pun intended), it's different and isn't just a gimmicky product, I've noticed it won't last long though, I've managed to make a large dent in it already and being only 4ml of product it'll likely be making an appearance in my empties in the not too distant future.

It doesn't really have a scent, I certainly can't smell anything when I try to take a whiff of the stick but there is a slight earthy tone when you apply it, you'll only notice it if you can get your nose right up to your eye ball though so I suggest rubbing it on the back of your hand and burying your nose in it to understand what I'm rambling on about.

There isn't a whole lot more I can say about this except; it works, it's different, use it as you would an eye serum and buy it online because they don't sell the bloody stuff in Australia. Sort it Vichy.

Do you like weird products too? Snail cream anyone??

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2 comments on "Vichy - Oligo 25 Eyes Anti-Fatigue Cooling Effect Stick."
  1. This definitely looks a bit weird but it works which is the most important thing. Sounds fast acting too since it shows signs of difference even after a week!

    1. I really didn't expect much from it, and I'm not sure exactly what makes it work so well but it seems the combination of this and a good hydrating eye cream are a bit of a match made in heaven, my dark circles are still there but they certainly aren't as severe and I could see this being a super duper product for some people!